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What are the real facts regarding the VA Campus?

What are the real facts concerning the Federal Land in West Lost Angeles granted to the US Government in 1887 by Arcadia Bandini de Baker to house wounded veterans. At the time she dedicated the land there were approximately 700 to 800 acres and now it is listed as less than 400 acres.

Please note this federal land is not part of Brentwood or Council District 11. It is Federal Land granted to the US Government for a particular use.

There is a private school, a commercial Veterans Retirement home, a baseball field, an oil drilling operation and more that have nothing to do with wounded vets or just vets.

This paragraph added 26 February 2020.  There was a Ninth Circuit Court decision that said all commercial endeavors had to leave. Some did not leave. This writer does not understand the “misunderstanding” that allows these establishments to stay.

However, there is a veterans’ crematory that is for veterans, there is veterans’ cemetery, there is a veterans’ hospital, and there is an area for vets called “Safe Parking” at night. Right now there is one building housing 52 veterans that fits the qualifications of the deeded land.  There is a Bridge Home for 100 vets that Councilman Mike Bonin says will open in the spring.

Courtesy of Mike Bonin’s Newsletter.

TSA plans to renovate one building for 59 units at 900K per unit using some Measure HHH funds.

It has long been a political ploy for the politicians. One heard years ago about 2800 units going on the campus for vets. Never happened. . Then it was announced there would be 2000 units forthcoming. Never happened. There is an armory that dubs for a public shelter during the winter months.

Sonja Sharp has written an article for the LA Times supposedly explaining what happened. She blames the earthquake of the 70s.

Ryan Thompson, a concerned citizen from Brentwood, has distinguished himself as one of the authorities on the VA subject and where it stands. He has facts to back him up. Thompson didn’t like the article and wrote the editor of the LA Times. Following is the letter.

The article’s author, Sonja Sharp, spoke with several homeless disabled Veterans during the week of January 20, 2020 – presumably as research for what I’m debunking. Had Sonja considered those expert witnesses beyond bookends who’d never corroborate her unsubstantial story, the Times might have not misinformed us about a matter Veterans lives and our General Welfare urgently depend on. If Sonja also considered the facts, data and history I delivered to her on January 26, 2020, she could have substantiated those witnesses with investigative journalism. Since she didn’t, I’m evaluating your capacity for an ounce of truth before concluding the Times is staffed by bribery and job-security.

Based on my conversations with the homeless, disabled Veterans trying to help each other survive outside the gates of their Home and many inside who were and may again be out there, none will tell you a 39 year old earth- quake has anything to do with the illegal land users controlling WLA VA that push out Veterans and their service providers1. After all, that’s what homeless disabled Veterans substantiated in their 2011 Valentini v. Shinseki suit2 Sonja subtly mentions and what the Judge Decreed on August 29, 2013 upon Deciding for those Veterans3. It’s al- so what the VA Inspector General Found in its unresolved, September 28, 2018 Audit Report4, what the FBI discov- ered in 2018 upon arresting the former WLA VA lessee now in prison5,6 and what LA Times reporter Gale Holland used to keep the Times substantially updated on when it had more readers7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.

If we suspend disbelief and never wonder what exactly is at that Soldiers Home1, the Sylmar Earthquake ain’t no- thin’ amid over $500,000,000 Congress appropriated between 2012-2019 for seismic, housing and utility upgrades at the Soldiers Home15, none of which happened. Now there’s a fact you haven’t heard; and why would The Times, until it regaining the integrity and diligence investigative journalism demands. Meanwhile the crooks stealing Veterans lives16,17 and their Home we pay to rehabilitate, house and heal them at; fabricate we need their paltry rents, lie to us that $1,200,000,000 in HHH built something, and purport most homeless, disabled Veterans prefer defecating on themselves while their tents are trashed; over receiving hard-earned benefits at their Soldiers Home… What’s next, a Nuremberg Law18?

In hindsight, I guess Sonja featuring two rent-a-vets nowhere on a West Los Angeles VA Principal Developer Agreement19 is better than suggesting Veterans just need a day of work per year; looking for homeless peers at the WLA VA20, instead of where they’re at – on our streets, jails, emergency rooms and morgues21.

Note the references Thompson uses are not provided.

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  1. Joanna Mastopietro

    Why hasn’t all this been on President Trump’s desk? He would surely handle it!

  2. Robert Reynolds

    Los Angeles Our Nations Capital For Homeless Veterans

    Los Angeles has the largest VA National Veterans Home Property in the nation. Still, this deeded and sacred land that Soldiers from the Civil War once walked continues to be desecrated and misappropriated for non-Veteran use, including a massive construction wall on Wilshire Boulevard to build the public-use Purple Line subway.

    The property was deeded in 1888 to exclusively house and care for disabled war Veterans and their families.

    VA Director Steven Braverman, Executive Director Robert W. McKenrick, Congressman Ted Lieu, the unrecognized Brentwood Community Council, and Mayor Eric Garcetti engaged in private meetings that the Veteran community was not informed about in order to manipulate land-use laws at the WLA VA.

    “The Purple Line Metro is to directly benefit Veterans and their families by providing transit to the WLA VA for treatment and care.” Director Steven Braverman

    In theory, this plan looks and sounds well-intended. Still, one must consider that half of all homeless in the Westside are Veterans due to the WLA VA resident population of disabled Veterans declining from approximately 5,000 in the 1960s when there were no homeless populations in the local communities; to a few hundred today.

    The VA sent a “homeless Veterans expert to Los Angeles” –Vincent Kane– who is not a Veteran, never been homeless and not from Los Angeles, but a traitorous rogue, fraud and ruse. Instead of ending Veteran homelessness in L.A., he was a “community organizer,” holding more than 100 meetings with neighboring residents to ensure they got their “wants” at the expense of homeless Veterans’ “needs.”

    Without adequate housing and services, Veterans will arrive by train for treatment and find themselves homeless at one of the multitudes of encampments like San Vicente Boulevard.

    U.S. Representative Ted Lieu is the public servant elected to ensure that the VA in his 33rd Congressional District will always honor and enforce the one and only legitimate “Master Plan”—-the Deed 1888—-and permanently maintain this sacred land as a National Home for disabled and disadvantaged Veterans.

    To the contrary, Congressman Lieu made it very clear about his own beliefs regarding housing homeless Veterans at the Los Angeles VA. “…It neither makes sense, nor is it the VA’s objective to have the campus become the depository for large numbers of homeless Veterans.” He pointed out that housing is not in itself a solution. (August 2015 Westside Regional Alliance of Councils Meeting)

    There it is in a nutshell. With more lies, broken promises and no logical solutions, is it any wonder that Los Angeles remains our nation’s capital for homeless Veterans when entrusted public servants continue to dishonor the Deed of 1888 as well as the “Principle for Partnership,” settlement agreement which stipulates the partnerships #1 objective is to end Veteran homelessness in Greater LA in 2015 and beyond?

    Robert Reynolds
    Robert Rosebrock

  3. Robert Charles Reynolds

    California Homeless Crisis

    We need to build shelters at first and get the homeless off our streets. Establishing mental health and drug treatment is essential.

    The CA leadership has robbed everyone of us. They cannot account for billions of dollars that were supposed to go to education, housing homeless, and caring for veterans. They are benefiting themselves and ruining our state.

    Senator Diane Feinstein has secured 1.3 billion dollars of taxpayer money to fund the “purple line” illegally on veteran-owned land. I would rather see that money build housing and assist in the treatment of the homeless.

    Most cities in the US don’t have criminals as elected officials. Nearly half the entire population of homeless in America live in California. Our elected officials have been misappropriating taxpayer money to house and care for the homeless. They serve themselves, not the community.

    Researchers at the Urban Institute estimate that approximately 25% of the homeless population is employed. The National Coalition for the Homeless estimates that between 40 and 60% of homeless people shift in and out of full-time and part-time work.

    80% of Americans are susceptible to become homeless, living paycheck to paycheck.

    The majority of homeless suffer from trauma, mental illness, and PTSD. Drug addiction is secondary to untreated issues. They are self-medicating. They need to be housed and treated.

    Once a person has stability, they can begin on a path to recovery and be productive citizens.

    First and foremost, we should get rid of the thieving leadership in California. They have misappropriated funds for education, affordable housing, and veterans. Then get rid of the sanctuary city laws. We need to stop the open flow of drugs, human trafficking, and sex trafficking.

    Then allocate money for housing/shelters, mental health, and drug addiction services.

    Create an “informed citizenry.” This will help combat corruption and gives the people an equal voice. We can hold elected officials responsible this way.

    The Supreme Court let stand a ruling that says homeless people have a right to sleep on the sidewalk if a city doesn’t have enough shelters to house them. Once there are enough shelters, we can enforce the laws and keep people off the street.

    It’s not that complicated. CA leaders manipulate everyone into thinking the problem is too hard to solve. It was done intentionally to facilitate the theft of tax-payer money.

    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    The majority of homeless have experienced trauma from living on the streets. When a person has been involved in a traumatic event, and not processed it with therapy, they develop false beliefs about themselves or others. These false beliefs are referred to as “Stuck Points.”

    For example, veterans that have survived the war and witnessed horrible atrocities begin to question why the events happened. They may blame themselves, the government, or a multitude of other beliefs

    Two common “stuck points” that veterans struggle with are; 1 the government can’t be trusted 2 I am “bad person” because of what I have seen and done.

    Through therapy, veterans begin to process traumatic events and challenge these “stuck points.”

    If someone has unprocessed trauma and they believe they are no good, help doesn’t seem like an option. Furthermore, these stuck points are reinforced because our CA leadership failed to care for them. In their eyes, no one can be trusted.

    It will require community engagement and consistency to build the trust back.

    Robert Reynolds
    US Army Infantry
    Iraq 2007
    WLA VA Resident

  4. McClain-Padgett, Gloria aka GG

    I am one of the #West #LA #VA #Homeless #Veteran’s denied proper care and services, forced to live on the dirt of the VA fenceline,bus benches, publicly filmed constantly in Brentwood LA. Forced by Fear of The VA to live on camera at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf San Vicente and Barrington, 2017-2018. Denied even WATER from “The Welcome Center Bldg 257” supposedly there to help Homeless Veterans. Sexually harassing began there at #Bldg 257. Denied #Shelter at the Overnight Shelter at the National Guard Armory Christmas Eve 2017 for being a Veteran and holding the libe for other Veterans’ belongings. Documented calls to the White House VA Complaints Line, carry that notebook around the streets of LA, I also have the two letters from the VA to gain entrance to the NATIONAL Guard Armory Overnight Shelter. And other documents to prove that the lawsuit’s not helped,and it wasn’t an earthquake either.
    Starving and so cold I put on someone else’s dirty, muddy discarded Jeans to layer up for warmth, something I could never imagine would be the reason to stay warm. Starving. Not allowed a restroom, clean facilities or a shower. Yet, we were told “The Master Plan “, and turned out to the horrors of the streets. TESTIFY! I’m still having heart affects from no water, mansized thumb of a kidney stone, MI Heart Attack, and #W #LA #VA Klebsiella Pneumoniae Bacteria infection. More, that I and my Son, 100% Disabled Combat Veteran, who lived in The Safe Car Park, denied a shower at Bldg 402, referral given to the community, his record states he had no needs. Producers use our property at The Japanese Garden and they call the VA PD on us Veterans, we’re taken out of the Japanese Garden to The VA side of the fence. The TRUTH IS Available @@LA Times, #NY Times,and @NY Post *Master Plan FRAUD!!! Social Media and #Homeless #Veterans #GLA #VA and #West #LA #VA, plenty of REAL, Real Vets who are proof there’s a different narrative.
    Thanks for your time and attention to get it!
    Thank You Robert Charles Reynolds for helping to bring the Truth to Light, Actions Towards Change! God Bless You and America! Love, Light and Prayers UP!!!
    GG USAF Veteran and Former #LA #VA #Homeless Dec. 2017-Sept2018.

    • At approximately 2045 on 2-26-2020, three undercover LAPD officers arrived on San Vicente Blvd. They immediately began “citing” homeless veterans for multiple infractions.

      Chief Michel Moore of LAPD released a video with Mayor Garcetti instructing illegals how to evade Federal Law Enforcement. I no longer trust the integrity of the LAPD, and neither should the residents of Los Angeles, CA.

      A “sworn peace officer” by law needs to remain non-biased. Chief Moore instructs his officers to criminalize homeless veterans while leaving illegals to evade deportation.

      Chief Moore is an enemy of the state and is more concerned with serving his pockets than caring for citizens.

      Brentwood Community Council is directly involved in the WLA VA land fraud. They have criminalized homeless and defrauded veterans of their land and benefits. They also have paid large sums of money to build an LAPD parking garage.

      The collusion-like relationship between LAPD, BCC, and Elected Officials needs to be investigated by Federal Authorities.

      I would advise citizens of the United States Of America that reside in Los Angeles, CA, to challenge any citation, arrest, and or conviction imposed while Chief Michel Moore is in office.

      Robert Reynolds
      US Army Infantry
      Iraq 2007
      WLA VA Resident

      God Bless America!!

  5. Thank you for writing this article!

    Iraq Veteran
    WLA VA Resident

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