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Venice Update Publicly Apologizes to the Men and Women in Blue

By Reta Moser

Even when one does opinion pieces, one should checkout both sides. I personally and publicly was discourteous to the police force for not stopping the chaos at the Venice Neighborhood Council Tuesday night. I wrote an Opinion piece for the Venice Update berating the police for standing down.

Then I questioned one of my all-time favorite LAPD Pacific Division captains, Captain Brian Morrison, about the incident. He said they were protecting both side’s rights of the First Amendment. Then I understood immediately; who would want it otherwise. The VNC should have handled it by calling a recess; setting another day; taking a break, etc.

I publicly apologize to all the men and women in blue.

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  1. Andrew Kang

    Don’t apologize. You can participate in public discourse without yelling at the top of your lungs, threatening violence, and shouting down people you don’t agree with. The police can remove individuals and enforce the “disorderly conduct” laws. The LAPD were NOT doing their job(s) that evening.

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