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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice’s 154-Bed “Bridge Home” Opens to Large Crowd

They came from almost every neighborhood in Venice to see the new 154-bed “Bridge Home” facility at Sunset and Main for Open House, Saturday afternoon.

All the organizations participating in the outreach and the running of the home had a table with flyers upon entrance. People were divided into groups with a leader to show the site and answer questions.

There were five trailers to house the 18- to 24-year olds with an outdoor dining area for three meals a day in between the five trailers. One trailer will be for the girls. The dining area is also for adults. Some of the trailers had a mural. A sixth trailer was for laundry, shower, toilet facilities just for the youth.

In between the youth group and the adult group was the administration trailer for the service people. Upon entrance off Main at Sunset there is a ramp leading to the checkin tower. The administration trailer is next to the entrance.

The tent area was a large open area for 100 adults. The adults were divided approximately 70 to 30 for men and women, respectively. Married people will be separated. Each person will be able to house his pet in the cubicle provided. Between the men’s and women’s areas was a room for security. There will be four security people available each night throughout the area.

There is a separate trailer for the adults for laundry, shower, toilet.

The sleeping cubicles for the youth and the adults were the same.

Next to the tented area was the dog run and behind the tent was an area to be made for storage. Lockers will be established.

Questions regarding checking weapons and how many nights absent without excuse before expulsion, were answered with “we will be playing it by ear.” Allison Wilhite, Venice deputy for the Bridge Home says there will be no alcohol or drugs allowed on the premises.

Entrance tower.

Shower, laundry, toilet facility.

Cublcle in trailers similar to cubicles in tented area.

Administration trailer for service people. It also has a kitchen area.

One side of the tented area. Cubicles all look the same — trailers and tented areas, male and female.

Pet area is next to the tent and next to Main Street.

Storage area is on the south side of the tent and has yet to have the lockers installed.

Comments (4)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    How long will people be allowed to stay at this facility and where to they go next? Is this facility actually decreasing the homeless count in Venice? I sincerely doubt it as HHH funding is squandered by the likes of Bonin, et al!

    • reta

      It is my understanding that there is no time limit. They will be encouraged to seek addiction treatment, get a job, and help find them lodging, and not necessarily in that order. Once they have other lodging, the bed will be available for the next person.

  2. Lee

    The news is reporting that the 54 beds dedicated to young adults will all be drawn from Venice homeless, that is not what I understood from past reporting. If it is true I say great!, but I thought the city couldn’t draw only from certain geographic areas. Anyone know what the truth is?

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