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What Happened at the VNC Meet ? Chaos Reins!


By Reta Moser

Wow what was it that happened last night at the VNC! Totally, disgusting. Police came, Christian Wrede of the board ran back to get their support; yet only one person seemed to support him. Police stood like motionless blue soldiers that didn’t operate throughout the evening. Meanwhile, insults, vanity statements, and a native ritual were being carried on during the Pledge of Allegiance. Chaos reined!

The Allegiance is a one-liner that unites all peoples under one Republic. If other groups want to display disgust for the rewards of this country, it seems unfitting to do what was done last night. There are places for such display. There wasn’t any justice, it was all selfish display,

“I pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America and the Republic for which it stands, one nation (under God), indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We are all one — rich poor, nationality, race, religion, doesn’t matter — all one.

Venice is 34 to 40 thousand in population. The homeless are 1100 according to the 2019 figures, and yet, the homeless and homeless supporters and those who want to remain Indian get the stage. It is no wonder my neighbors, the real Venetians, do not attend.

I was there, not as one covering the story, but to speak against Matt Fisher who was up for removal. He filmed and published on youtube me in a neighborhood committee meeting using the words “cultural” and “ethnicity” and labeled me a “racist” because he didn’t know the definitions of the two previous words. Nor did his little group as evidenced by their yelling “racist” in the meeting. That is not right. I tried to talk with him, Mike Bravo, and John Wolfe after the meeting but they didn’t want to talk about anything. They were just too filled with hatred. We should be able to express our First Amendment rights in meetings, in the VNC without this type of harassment. I personally was not offended by them calling me a racist in the meeting just astounded at their lack of knowledge, but to publish such was not necessary.

Many of the others who felt he should be removed left without speaking.

Matt Fisher received the 2/3 thirds necessary for removal from the board.

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  1. rick swinger@yahoo.com

    Yes Bozo Bravo Its courage that you don’t understand for you are a coward in so many ways. Same as Matt Fisher the biggest coward of Venice Beach for he only goes after the old folks that voice an opinion thats not his own. Really after 40 years here in Venice I have never seen cowards that go after the elderly reporting on the news like you two! You must be very proud of your wimping pathetic selves!

  2. Rick Swinger

    2019 8/7 4th Ave and Rose Ave…. Matt Fisher grabbing my iPhone camera and trying to bully me from using my camera on a public street just after he posed for me! Im a 40 year Venice resident and a 60 year old man who was photographing the city taking the planter boxes away on 4th Ave. We all have rights to photograph on public streets and folks need to see news like what I was filming that day and not be bullied by their elected officials! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dug82LkzpGg

  3. Rick Swinger

    I appalled your courage to stand up against this hateful group. I also was attacked by Matt Fisher after he posed for me the day the planter boxes were removed. on 4th .He sucker punched my camera and tried to intimidate me. I posted it on youtube. for all to see.Talk about trying to take my rights away from being a Photo Journalist! Not at all in line with our human rights and the fact he goes after the older citizens and tries to intimidate them shows you what a coward he and his friends are! Thank You for all you do Lovely Rita!

    • Mike Bravo

      Courage? Lmao. What hateful group you talking about Rick Swinger? “Goes after” old citizens. You’re not that old Rick and you’re not a small guy. Hardly cowardice

      • rick swinger@yahoo.com

        Thank you Mike but really I can’t trust you,when you steal my wife’s copyrighted pictures of me, you coward! WHAT ARTISTS OF VENICE WOULD APPROVE OF THAT! You are stealing art from an artist community Mike Bravo! You are a coward and a racist! You have heard this before! Ask yourself why and correct your course. Nobody wants a Bozo Bravo clown! Right?

        • Mike Bravo

          Little Ricky. U can never answer a straight question. What group are you talking about? Really hard to keep up with all your lies. I understand tho you gotta show up tuff on the Internet forum for your friends. See you soon

  4. Tracey Leering

    Mike Bravo, what neighborhood did you bus that little asshole Jacob Woocher in from? I’m sure UCLA law school is so proud to have produced a dirty little fake homeless baby like him.

    • Alexis Woods

      Oh my, you guys got to experience Jacob Woocher? I was a law school classmate of his. He behaved just like that in class and was a C student at best; no one wanted to work with him (can you believe it?). Glad to see he’s spending his time being a dick at council meetings across the city instead of studying for the bar.

    • I have a limit with how many fake snowflake profiles I respond to in a day. If any of you want to talk for reals I’m not hard to find. Catch me down Rose Ave any day of the week

  5. I agree it was disgusting. An all Anglo VNC Board contingency voted on a motion with no merit and no evidence and obstructed freedom of speech by unethically voting to remove a duly elected community representative. Don’t forget the part where Christian Wrede berated the black police officer because he didn’t do his bidding. I’m sure you’re shocked that your white privilege powers didn’t extend to every corner and depth of the meeting.
    You can thank Ira Koslow and all who supported this bs power grab for the “chaos.”

    You talk about respect for the country but you advocate for unconstitutional laws and cheer on the undermining of first amendment right by supporting Matt Fisher’s unmerited and illegal removal.. talk about selfish display!
    Reta, maybe you’re just losing your memory but maybe you need a refresher course in how this country established itself and how non-white people are still fighting respect and equity in this country. But you are right, there wasn’t any justice. But just so we’re clear Reta, by the community asserting our rights and voice in the midst of it being unlawfully silenced in pursuit of maintaining and advancing a white homogenous board it was for selfish display?

    Real venetians were leading the charge. The majority of your fan base are white gentrifiers who espouse your similar classist and racist undertone sentiments. You and people like you have no honor. Please do disagree and have a different opinion but do it with merit and at least follow procedure, you know, the “civility” and “respect” for law that you people bark about when we assert our boundaries against your racism advancements.
    You are a racist Reta, maybe not by intent but IMPACT, yes you are.. but I believe (and hope) you can change. Its not entirely your fault tho. Anyone raised in this American “education” system will exhibit short comings in how they consciously or unconsciously reinforce mechanisms and cultures of racism.

    Don’t forget to tell your audience the context of the video we filmed. When we brought up racial equality concerns regarding one of the proposed motion you arrogantly dismissed it and said “…and maybe you can do your little cultural and ethnic thing at another time.” We have the video, shall we play it again and review it?
    You talk about having the right to First Amendment but champion the meritless and unhonorable taking of another’s, one that foremost represents the voices of Black and Brown and low income residents. The effect is further white homogenization of the board (aka white supremacy) and the further marginalization of Black and Brown voices..you know..racism.

    I’m sure many of you are happy about Matt’s removal but Ira and his supporters and all the cowardly unhonorable moves and lies to vote him off is what caused this “chaos.” But that is just to all your detriment, this new level of shenanigans has ignited more people to get involved and we havent even organized ourselves yes. So we should be the ones saying thank you.

    so.. Thank you!

    • Patrick Morrison

      There’s the race-baiting, racist Mike Bravo we all know

      • God forbid you would counter with an intelligent rebuttal. I cant imagine what its like to be such a bitch that youre self-relegated to being brave ( and stupid) on a half ass neighborhood blog platform under a fake profile.. talk about a troll

  6. Jackie Danson

    hahahahaha, I saw that “prayer” that Mike Bravo’s girlfriend attempted to do over the pledge of allegiance. The “prayer” was to pray for Matt Fisher to not be removed from the board. It was a nice touch when she went around like a nazi asking to see people’s “papers.”

    • “Jackie Danson” lmao..too funny. That’s why cowards like u never win. Can’t even put your your real name to a post. I know you thrive on cowardice and ignorance but I must correct your comment. It was actually a Prayer. That the woman singing was not my GF, and the prayer was actually for people like you who operate with closed minds and hearts. I understand tho, such exorcisms agitate their hosts.

      • Jackie Danson

        “Let’s all pray that Matt Fisher be able to continue his bad behavior on the VNC.”

        Pretty much the prayer we were all expecting from your crazy, fake homeless friends

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