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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

“Bridge Home” to Open for Residents 25 February; Open House for Public 22 February

Venice’s 154-bed “Bridge Home,” the largest Bridge Home facility in Los Angeles, will open for occupancy starting 25 February with the PATH and SPY, supervisory staff, moving on site the week of 10 February. There will be an open house for the public to attend 22 February from 2 to 4 pm.

Occupants will be selected from immediate area surrounding the bridge home  by the outreach team. They will be permanent tenants until they move on. They will not be lining up at night. Disposition of those homeless who do not want the bridge home has not been discussed. The home will be in operation with hours for the residents.

There will be no drugs, alcohol, firearms, weapons on the property. A security guard will be checking people in. PATH will oversee the management of the 100 adults and SPY will be in charge of the 54 18- to 24- year-old youth. Staff and security will be on site 24/7. Am awaiting answer regarding lights out time or if there is a “lights-out” time.

Residents will be provided with case management and support services, crisis intervention and conflict resolution as well as a bed and meals. It will be a home with help. It is not a drop-off shelter.

Selection will be from the Coordinated Entry System that several Venice area outreach teams as well as LAFHA use.

A Special Enforcement and Cleaning Zone (SECZ) surrounding the area will be enforced starting 9 March. This area will be from Speedway east to 4th Ave and Electric Ave and include both sides of the streets and from Westminster on the south to Navy, Lake and include both sides of the streets. Many who live in the area are concerned with increased homeless coming in for the bridge home wait.

This is a special enforcement and cleaning zone where LAMC 56.11 will be enforced for bulky items and tents and sidewalk clearance.  Sign will say that bulky items will be removed Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

This is within the BID area so whether LA Sanitation and the BID will both operate as they do now is not known for sure.

There will be a dedicated foot beat for police.

Note that Ocean Front Walk and the tributary streets leading to Speedway are out of the SECZ. Allison Wilhite was asked about this and it looks like it will be cleanup as usual.

Answer from Wilhite: Ocean Front Walk will continue to receive a comprehensive clean up once a week, and our office will continue to coordinate with LAPD, Rec and Parks, the County, and other relevant agencies to address concerns. Additionally, we facilitate the locations of our CARE and CARE+ teams, and if there is a need to pick up trash, bulky items, etc. or have an additional comprehensive clean up in the area, we can ask those teams to do so after finishing their route within the A Bridge Home area, time permitting.

Costs for building and operating the establishment are below.

This information was obtained from a pamphlet put out by Allison Wilhite, Bride Home deputy.

Comments (8)

  1. Sea

    Lancaster figured out a way to build unit’s for $81k per unit, follow the money and put corrupt participants in jail

  2. john okulick

    Why are residents paying through extortion from the Venice BID to clean up Bonin’s transient ward? 16 million dollars to house 150 individuals and another 5 million to clean up around it. This points to more homeless occupying this area not less. Why not give that money to the residents who are confronted with disease, crime, pshycotic mental behavior and drug abuse every day. Bonin is a total failure and continues to show his incompetence.

  3. Bonin's Bumz

    The enhanced cleanup will last a week until the TV cameras clear out, then the ACLU will show up and sue after a vagrant’s dumpster-diving crap gets tossed, and things will be back to normal in Venice in no time.

    • Tina Tempo

      Exactly. They’ll all be doing drugs on the sidewalk just outside of this homeless hotel. Also, I love how the police say they can’t move tents because we don’t have enough beds… yet (think) they will be able to move the tents as soon as 154 beds open up. They’ve been lying to us for the past 2+ years.

  4. Matt Fisher

    I hope these homeless kids wreck havoc on the neighborhood. All these NIMBYs who complained at the VNC are finally gonna get what’s coming to them. See ya at the ribbon cutting ceremony!

  5. Tyler Durden

    Hopefully this shelter cleans up the streets a little bit so pussies like Rick S. Will stop getting PTSD from walking around the corner to their local walgreens.

  6. Lisa Redmond

    I, Lisa Redmond, the real Lisa Redmond, did not post this comment. It is false and incorrect. I’m beginning to feel bad for he person who has a sad little life who has to feel good about themself to make up fake slanderous comments with my name.

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