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Motion Turned Down by VNC Homeless Committee to be Presented at Feb VNC Meet

The motion presented by Venetians to the Homeless Committee last month to add a restriction of no homeless within 300 feet of  single-family homes to the LA City Homeless and Poverty Committee motion  with be considered at the 18 February Venice Neighborhood Council meet, 7 pm, Westminster Elementary School, 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

The group is seeking a Community Impact Statement to show that Venice indeeds supports the City Council and the City Council Homeless and Poverty Committee that wants to restrict homeless within 500 feet of schools and parks.  They want their statement to be considered for an amendment to the City’s proposed motion and to be added to the Council File 19-06Q2-S1.

“Furthermore, please be advised that if my personal motion request regarding amendments to LAMC 41.18 is denied and will not be heard at the February Board meeting, I am submitting a Stakeholder petition on behalf of 169 Venice Stakeholders  who are requesting that the above Motion to Amend LAMC 41.18 be placed on the Board Agenda, so that the Motion can be voted on by the full Board,” the petition read.   “The Petition has 19 pages and the first 7 pages containing 60 signatures are attached.  The remaining pages will be sent in a separate e-mail.”

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  1. Lisa Redmond

    This is not anywhere to be seen on the Administrative Committee meeting on Feb. 10, where the agenda will be set for the Feb. 18 general Board Meeting.

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