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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Stories of the Week — 3 thru 9 February

A new column is starting — Stories of the Week. It will contain links to stories that are considered important for Venetians and provided by Venetians. The link will provide, the name of the provider, and maybe, or maybe not, a short summary. Note: The latest story will be put on top. Each week a new column will be started. If you have a story you feel is worth submitting, email link and short summary to VeniceUpdate@gmail.com. Together we should be able to cover weekly a lot of what is important, affecting, or of interest to  the community but happens outside the immediate community.

Eva Greene
Repeal of Propositions 47, 57, AB109.

Travis Biden
Please sign this petition if you haven’t already.
top 4-Story, Non-Sober Housing near 3 schools on Lincoln Blvd/Venice!

Rick Swinger
Mayor Eric Garcetti admits Proposition 47 not working.

Michelle Zweig
The latest cartel and what it is doing in and to LA with Meth and how Proposition 47 is enabling such.

Darryl DuFay
Demise of SB50…Credible arguments against the bill. Loss of local control to the state, cramming apartment houses into single-family neighborhoods.

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