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Oxford Triangle Signs Up for Private Security Service

ADT security car in the alley doing its job. Many encampments in the alleys. They can and have shown up overnight and stay until one sees them and cleans up the mess.

Oxford Triangle has joined the Silver Strand and Venice Canal areas in obtaining a private source for patrolling their streets, alleys, and providing other personal services.

ADT Patrol has established a service customized for the Triangle which includes armed patrols around client homes looking for issues, security concerns, and encampments. All observed suspicious activity is handled by security or reported to the police immediately. Clients receive alarm dispatch response prior to going to police regardless of their contracted alarm service company, a vacation watch, a security escort service and more.

The goal is to build toward a minimum of 60 households in order to add three patrol trips per day in the Triangle in addition to random daily patrols of one’s property, including unspecified trips in the alley and the Bike Path.  At 140 households, the Triangle would have a dedicated car in the neighborhood for eight hours overnight.

If you are a member of the Oxford Triangle and interested in the service for $50 per month, call Frank Morales of ADT at 310-955-7408 or email him at Fmorales@ADT.com for additional information and service.

“Just getting rid of the encampments in the alleys, is such a safety factor,” said Reta Moser. “These alleys must continuously be kept clean to discourage encampments in the first place.”

One resident who provided the photo said “I thought I was paying taxes for police to do this.”  This is more than the police force would provide.  The Triangle has had package theft,  a considerable amount of car burglaries. suspicious characters,  as well as encampments in the last few years.

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