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LA City Planning Plans to Include Vacation Rentals in Home-Sharing Ordinance

Los Angeles City Planning is developing an ordinance to include owner occasionally-used vacation rentals as short-term rentals.   This would be a change to the newly enacted Home-Sharing Ordinance.

So far certain key provisions have been considered.

— Restriction on eligibility
o Only non-primary residences that are occasionally occupied by the property owner

— Limitations on the number of Vacation Rental permits available
o Citywide cap of 3,625 permits
o Caps on the number of Vacation Rental permits allowed in each census tract
o Only unit owners are eligible to obtain Vacation Rental permits
o Vacation Rental units may not be operated for more than 30 days per calendar year.

— Prohibitions on the types of housing that can be used, including:
o Units subject to the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance
o Accessory Dwelling Units
o Housing units subject to affordable housing covenants (income restricted)
o Buildings that have been removed from the rental market through the Ellis Act within the past seven years

— Concentration and Density Controls
o In buildings of four or fewer units, at least 250 feet between Vacation Rentals
o In buildings of more than four units, no more than 5 percent of units, or 10 units total, whichever is less, may be used as Vacation Rentals

— Measures to address nuisance related issues
o Limitations on the number of guests allowed per habitable room
o Prohibitions on sound amplification equipment and outdoor congregation of more than eight people past 10:00 PM

— Procedures for suspending or revoking Vacation Rental permits when provisions of the proposed ordinance have been violated

o Fines may be levied against Vacation Rental owners and hosting platforms
o Suspension or revocation

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