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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

First Verdant Venice Tree Walk Super Bowl Sunday, Early

By Angela McGregor

Join the first Verdant Venice Committee (VVC) Sunday, 3 February, for a tree and bird walk, beginning at 9 am at the corner of Mildred and Ocean.

Help identify areas where the local canopy needs to have trees planted, maintained, and perhaps, (where no other option is available), removed.

Provide input on what tree species you would like to see and how to attract and keep birds in the vicinity.

The Verdant Venice Committee supports and encourages the creation and maintenance of green space, biodiversity, and the tree canopy in the Venice neighborhood. The VVC will work with residents, City government(s), schools, developers and other stakeholders and make recommendations to the VNC Board to ensure that Venice protects and expands upon its existing resources to achieve a balanced ecology, healthy and attractive for all, now and in the future.

The VVC hope to be able to do a tree and bird walk every other Sunday within the micro neighborhoods in Venice. They will make their findings known to the various City branches that are responsible for the canopy and its installation and maintenance. As Mayor Garcetti has declared as part of his Green New Deal that he wants 90,000 trees planted by 2021 and a 50% increase in the canopy City-wide by 2028, the VVC wants to make sure that Venice and the Venice Neighborhood Committee are in the forefront of his plans.

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