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Councilmembers Demand Mandatory Fire Sprinkler Systems in Residential High-Rises

LOS ANGELES – Renewing an effort to protect people living in high-rise residential buildings, a trio of City Councilmembers have proposed legislation to mandate fire sprinkler systems be installed in all residential high-rise buildings in Los Angeles.

Legislation co-authored by Councilmembers Mike Bonin, Paul Koretz, and Bob Blumenfield was submitted to the City Council today and would require all high-rises in Los Angeles to install fire-safety systems such as sprinklers, including those buildings that have previously been exempt from efforts to require sprinklers because of the year they were built.

The questions arise about how many stories is a “high-rise” and what about office buildings?


Comments (2)

  1. West Ender

    When the full investigation comes out, if it’s ever published, there’s a high likelihood it will reveal that the fire started in a problematic AirbNB rental being used to cook meth.

    One way to stop those kinds of fires in the future is to install sprinklers everywhere throughout the city. Another is to have a city that enforces existing laws prohibiting or limiting troublesome short term rentals. Unfortunately, especially in Mike Bonin’s district, no laws are really enforced for much of anything. This fire is another example of the collateral damage of a Wild Wild West approach to laws, and no amount of sprinklers will put that particular dumpster fire out.

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Nothing like three political ambulance chasers trying to find some publicity in a tragedy. Was this “legislation” written before the fire? None of these knuckleheads even define what a “high rise” is or means!

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