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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Is the MTA Shelter located in a Methane Hazard Zone?

(Photo courtesy of Rick Swinger.) Sign hangs over former Bus Yard.

By Rick Swinger

Without Environmental Reports (CEQA) will the neighbors ever know the true dangers that lie underneath this MTA Shelter? Isn’t the purpose of these Environmental Impact Report Laws  to protect the public? Why would you want to get rid of them unless there was big money behind it? Why has  the LAPD not released the pictures of the supposed bomb at the MTA? What is this warning sign  at the MTA Lot? Don’t we have the right to know?

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  1. Rick Swinger

    This bus yard is in a Methane Zone. I’m really tired of doing all your homework for ya! click here… https://www.partneresi.com/sites/default/files/methane-zone-map-los-angeles.pdf

    • Tyler Durden

      So you’re a reporter that’s tired of reporting???

      • Rick Swinger

        Yes I am tired! Its simular to being a war photographer. Nobody wants to do this but the importance of documenting the truth is too great. It takes a heavy toll on us.

        • Tyler Durden

          Similar too being a war photographer?! HA that’s laughable and truly a slep in the face to vets like myself. Venice is a utopia even compared to places like Bahrain let alone iraq or the ‘stan.try running everywhere you go including the head, messdecks for 6-12 months in Hope’s Juba doesnt get you in his scope. You run out of breath walking 20 feet. Next!

  2. Thomas Washburn

    That sign is obviously left over from when that was a bus yard that had methane fueled buses parked in it you fool.

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