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If it doesn’t work, change the law …

By Darryl DuFay

We have just seen how Sacramento eliminated the protection of CEQA by changing the law with the passage of AB1197 adversely affecting the MTA “Bridge-Home” homeless shelter project and the proposed Venice “Monster on the Median” 140 units.

Now for their next planned move hidden in plain sight in today’s LA Times article.

Below is a paragraph from the article.  Need to add the following information. The year is 2004 and Proposition 63 is passed.  A 1% income tax surcharge on millionaires.  Money is specially to be used for persons with mental health programs but not for construction.  Million of unspent dollars build up.  Twelve years later as the homeless problems explodes the legislature moved to use this money for homeless projects including construction.  A lawsuit was filed.  The reaction was Proposition 2 which legally modified Prop 63 and allowed expanded uses including construction for homeless with mental health issues.

Present day.  Prop “HHH” $1.2 billion dollars for homeless construction has been allocated.  Because there is no more money, we are informed that they proposed to use Proposition 2 money for the “Median” project.

Now the revealing statement in the the paragraph below — “revamp the existing law.”   We have seen what they did with AB1197.  Does anyone think that will not happen again?

There is additional information in the article.  You need to click on the sentence that starts with “Critics have ….”

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