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Wrede Asks Chief of Police Questions Regarding Bomb Threat

“At this point the caution to the community is if they see something suspicious to call us,” emailed Chief of Police Michel Moore to Christian Wrede who is a concerned Venice Neighborhood Council Board member.

The statement was written in response to the question Wrede posed to the Chief:Is the LAPD planning to provide any guidance as to the risk of escalation and what precautions Venice residents — and especially children in nearby schools — should be taking while the investigation is in progress?

In a separate email, Wrede posed many questions to the Chief:

As you can see here, Allison Whilhite from Councilman Bonin’s office furnished a new release to Venice Update (and perhaps other outlets) today repeating verbatim statements from Councilman Bonin’s Facebook post regarding the Bridge Home Venice bomb scare.

Venice Deputy Responds to Venice Bridge Home Bomb Threat

Notwithstanding your email above, it does not appear that Ms. Wilhite’s statement reflects any new information from your PIO.

At this point, Councilman Bonin is telling the public that devices intended to look like bombs were placed at the Bridge Home Venice site in an apparent attempt to derail the project and terrorize prospective residents.

Does that accurately reflect the LAPD’s view of the situation? If so, what information can you provide to support that assessment or to enable the parents concerned for the safety of their children to draw their own conclusions? If not, what efforts are being made to provide guidance to the Councilman?

A terrorist act in the heart of the second most popular tourist destination in California and one of the most densely populated areas on the Westside strikes me as a big deal, particularly in connection with an issue as contentious as homelessness. And it seems a little odd, frankly, that all public information relating to such an incident would come exclusively through Councilman Bonin’s office.

Competent and reliable information from the LAPD — including pictures of the devices at issue — is urgently needed. I plan to request an update at the VNC meeting next month, but obviously Venice residents should not have to wait that long.

Chief Moore’s response to the Councilman’s statement from his facebook page was “accurate and fair.” There is much more work to do to identify the individual(s) responsible for these devices and their motive.

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