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Homeless Go “Far” with Being Homeless

(Photo by Rick Swinger.) Homeless person brought in a shed at Penmar Park on Rose.

Homeless have operated like they own the streets and have shouted such to many residents.  Residents and homeowners just shake they heads at the blatant examples that the homeless provide and wonder when “someone will protect the residents.”

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  1. reta

    Thank you all for using your full names. It makes the commentaries so much more meaningful and eliminates a lot of people who just want to call people names. Many in Venice are looking for direction and solutions, have suggestions, and have critical comments. These are the ones we want to hear form. Thank you.

  2. byron black

    Bonin will NEVER listen to residents of Venice. He doesn’t care because he needs the money from social services industry to run for Mayor in 2021. IT’s that simple.

    It’s a sad example of corrupt local politics and made worse by the fact that Bonin is himself a former addict and just can’t see the issues clearly.

    • Manny Ortega

      Mike Bonin won a majority of the votes here in Venice, just like he did in all the other neighborhoods in District 11. He just doesn’t listen to right wing mud slingers like you who offer no solutions and are in fact part of the problem.

      • Bryon Black

        That’s silly Manny and you know it. Slave-owning politicians also won a “majority of votes” before the civil war – doesn’t make it right to destroy a community of families and children here in Venice. It’s the tyranny of the majority.

        Bonin is doing the bidding of City Hall and Brentwood and PP. The goal is to shift Skid Row from downtown to Venice by building up MORE services and, in the process, keep encampments out of precious Brentwood and PP neighborhoods.

        I don’t see any encampments in Bev Hills or in Hancock Park, where the Mayor gets much of his donations – do you?

        Bonin is a hypocrite at best (corrupt, criminal at worst) who moved his child out of Venice so he could destroy it. He won’t even maintain a 500 foot buffer around preschools and elementary school from encampments that have registered sex offenders living in them.

        Ask yourself: if you can’t protect our children because your political agenda won’t let you, then you’re corrupt and we no longer live in a civilized 1st world society.

        So keep supporting Bonin. It’s your moral conscious that’s rotten, not mine. I see this clearly.

        • Manny Ortega

          Nothing silly about my comment at all Byron. You are asserting that Mike Bonin which is demonstrably false. The majority of people here in Venice don’t think that the solution to homelessness is to criminalize them and use the police to arrest all of them for being poor like you all want to see happen. That is why they voted for Mike Bonin. You’re the opposition party around here. You gentrifiers don’t “get” Venice. And you never will.

  3. Rick Swinger

    Another (4th time!) NBC4 “Streets of Shame” came down to Rose Ave to Cover the Residents saying they are under siege by the homeless! How many times does it take for Bonin to listen to us?? https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/streets-of-shame/venice-residents-furious-over-homelessness/2284413/?fbclid=IwAR2LYIfumFOGrZCVVrt6Jf-h57uT2YEZtO-lCsEE80DiRzP7cMAinJjGCdg

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