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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Burglaries Plague Neighborhoods

By Judy Goldman

Note: This report seems to be the echo of many neighborhoods.

The man in this photo was very aggressive when caught trying to break through a fence with a homemade harpoon type weapon. He also threw a hard object at the car windshield. Does anybody recognize him? (He covered his face when he noticed the camera, the outfit, however, is distinctive)

This is the 3rd incident this week.

There were also two burglaries a few days ago, one on Sunset and another on Dudley. Surveillance photos from both incidents were given to Police and reports have been filed. The suspect in the surveillance photos from two of the incidents look similar.

One suspect climbed over a front walk-street fence at 5:30 PM on Sunday12/19, ransacked an outdoor storage area and broke into a locked car inside the driveway of a gated property and took two pairs of prescription glasses, an iPod, a tool kit and other items.

A resident on Sunset reported a man trespassing and stealing something of little value. A photo was included in both police reports. A detective will be investigating all 3 incidents next week.

When LAPD officers arrived they expressed frustration and dismay. They explained that they receive frequent reports of similar incidents in North Venice – and only two officers are on duty in this area at any given time, except when shifts change and four officers overlap and are on duty at the same time for a brief period.

Comments (2)

  1. Tim e

    I had a video of a guy breaking through my front fence, LAPD don’t give a crap unless the guy has a weapon or hurts someone.

    IT’s a joke. City Atty Mike Feurer wont prosecute ANY homeless folks in Venice for “property crimes” – they get a pass.

  2. mick ronson

    YUP. Does this make sense. Only enough money for 2 officers on patrol at any one time in Venice (with 16 million annual visitors/tourists) but we spent 1.2 BILLION on HHH.

    It’s just the way Mike Bonin wants it. Let Venice deteriorate so he can MOVE Skid Row here from downtown and build up MORE services in Venice. Meanwhile, that keeps homeless encampments out of PP and Brentwood.

    WE have to make sure that Bonin doesn’t win for Mayor in 2021. His prior meth addiction has clouded his judgment.

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