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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders to Speak in Venice

Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party Bernie Sanders  will speak Saturday noon at Windward Park, 1 Windward. Venice.

The park has been cleared of all transients and debris.  The grass was cut and is exceptionally green from the recent rain. Only near the Santa Monica border were there transients or homeless on the green knolls of the park.  It looked like the Rangers had asked all homeless or transients to get off the green almost to the Santa Monica border.  One area was filled with belongings on the east side of the boardwalk.

Recreation and Parks crew were fixing the water drain that was being lived on by a homeless person who was a boardwalk seller.  This story was part of a previous story.



Comments (3)

  1. Trump 2020 man

    Trump is going to fix Venice in 2020. So vote Trump

    • Elan D

      YUP. What have you got to lose with Trump. He’s the only way calling out Bonin and LA for their refusal to protect residents. Bonin and Garcetti have created a new “protected class” with the homeless and transients. They can’t get arrested for anything like assaulting residents, shooting up, defecating or even theft from homes in broad daylight (unless they stab you with a weapon).

      But if a tax paying resident is drunk in public, we get arrested right away.

      Where does it end? Residents will eventually take up arms and weapons to protect our homes (like folks did in Korea town during LA riots with shotguns). That’s our future thanks to Bonin.

  2. Nicholas Antonicello

    It takes a visit from a Socialist to clean up Venice Beach? Who knew? Ironic isn’t it? Bonin has no soul!

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