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US Supreme Court Decision and Consequences

By Darryl DuFay
The decision by the US Supreme Court has produced five articles in  Los Angeles Times.  They are listed below.   Also included is a comment from the Union Rescue Mission Newsletter, which is located in Skid Row.  Also provided is a question asked by the Venice Update.
Supreme Court allows homeless to keep sleeping on the sidewalk
A crucial question for the unhoused
The courts have tied cities’ hands on homelessness
The Boise decision survives
Justices’ message to cities: Build more housing
Comment from the Union Rescue Mission.
The homeless number of 59,000 is for the County of Los Angeles with ten million people.  The City of Los Angeles has 36,000 homeless. The City has four million of the ten million people.
One out of 10 people who are homeless in the United States lives in LA.
The question arises from the Venice Update:  If you were homeless in the United States, wouldn’t you want to be homeless here?  Los Angeles seems to be on the road to house the nations homeless.

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