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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Park Rangers Enforce LAMC 63.44 at Venice Beach

(Photo courtesy of Mark Ryavec.)

Park Rangers with a crew started enforcing LAMC 63.44 regarding bulky items (items larger than what will fit into a City  60-gallon trash can) and tents and such structures in the Recreation and Parks area of the Venice Beach last Monday.  The rangers concentrated solely on the green area.

Rangers are suppose to be enforcing laws at the Recreation and Parks areas of Los Angeles.  Because the Ranger force became so small, the LAPD has been enforcing the laws.  More rangers have been hired.  Now it is a joint effort.

Ranger Zachary Pompa, who was in charge, said that they are now working under the United Homeless Response Center (UHTC) headed by Mayor Eric Garcetti.  Pompa said that if there is a problem one can report such at lapark.org.  Pompa said he did not know when they would be back.  The LAPD was suppose to be working with them that day but LAPD did not show up.

They started at Windward and worked their way north hoping to get to the Santa Monica border before 1:30 pm that day.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Ryavec.)

The park bench area at Windward was cleared but within a few minutes  it was repopulating.  When the Rangers were asked about that, they said they could go back if they had time.

One fellow was asked to move his structure and belongings from the grassy area.  The fellow explained that he was selling on the boardwalk.  He moved all his stuff across to the east side of the boardwalk.

Underneath the area where the fellow had been living was a water drain.




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  1. Rick Swinger

    Important Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory… Due to additional significant rainfall on 12/26/19, the Ocean Water Quality Rain Advisory has been extended for all Los Angeles County beaches. The advisory will be in effect at least until 7:30 AM , Sunday, December 29, 2019. Beach users are cautioned to avoid water contact for at least 72 hours after significant rainfall. This advisory may be extended depending upon further rainfall. (The current rainfall has not yet reached a significant level). https://i.imgur.com/dHw1Rju.jpg

  2. Rick Swinger

    2019 12/16 130PM Rose Storm Drain I meet up with Steve Sheridan the assistant deputy director storm water maintenance division of the County Department of Public Works and his crew last Monday. He expressed health concerns for his crew members that work these drains. He was shown 3rd Ave/Hampton dr encampments and the pollution that flows into the storm drain. He mentioned that none of the water west of 4th is pumped to a treatment plant so all the pollution from these encampments spill directly onto the beach and into the ocean. He is very concern about his workers at this storm drain because of all the feces, dead rodents ,drugs, blood ,mucus, needles, e-waste, heavy metals, and urine that the 3rd Ave/Hampton Dr encampments brings to this storm drain. Also it’s right next to a playground. He also said vagrants like to camp and store items like stolen bikes inside these storm drains so his crew will reach out to the iron workers to repair this gate that was broken recently allowing access inside this very toxic drain on Rose Beach. https://imgur.com/gallery/ic0Konl

  3. Homeless Advocate Hypocrites

    Who else is thoroughly disgusted that this clean up and the clean up of all encampments in highly visible locations are being cleaned out at Bonin’s demands so Bernie can see how beautiful Venice is. I trust Carol Sobel, Peggy Lee Kennedy and other homeless service advocates ate filming this to show the injustice here. (Yeah, riiiight)

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