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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless Housing Costs are Touted at 500K, 700K Plus; How About 5K?

Heidi Roberts and John Betz of Venice have a proven system of housing the homeless for $5000 a piece.

They buy duplexes with many bedrooms.  In each bedroom they put two people.  Everyone lives together and energize and motivate each other.

Heidi and John have also  learned it pays to have a “peer” person to help, one who has had similar problems.

Heidi says they have an 84 percent track record.  The people are housed and they have accomplished one other thing in their lives — gotten a job, gotten off drugs, etc.

Mayor Eric Garcetti recently visited one of their places and talked with some of the tenants.  One would hope the mayor sees this as an alternative to a new apartment for each.

The pod cast with Heidi talking about the projects  is at https://www.insearchofsanity.org/podcast-episodes.html.  Heidi’s part is about ten minutes from 38:40 to 51.


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  1. Steven B.

    Any evidence to this speculation? Only evidence I have seen people living indoors getting some help.
    Here is my speculation: the school bond in the last election failed hugely due to the homeless fiasco. No new taxes for any purpose is going to pass until this is resolved. Progressives need to rethink their loyalties, the city screwed this up and it needs to be fixed. New people, new ideas, cut off ineffective non profits, or the revenue remains frozen.

  2. Steve B

    Heidi and John have good hearts and have worked the problem to find a solution for a large subset of the homeless population. Their detractors will point out “… what about the severely mentally ill, addicted etc.”. Look, this problem requires many different types of solutions. Building a few permanent housing units is OK, but so is group living roommates, so are shelters. The city must abandon its doomed one size fits all approach, which is clearly not working.
    Implementing this program on a larger scale will not help everyone, but will house and stabilize a lot of people and, IMPORTANT, score a big political win for those who support it. Taxpayers are seriously pissed that all this money has been sunk with no improvement.
    During WW2 a severe housing shortage for workers not only had them sharing rooms, but even “hotcotting” beds (day shift and night shift workers used the same bed). Roommates are a humane solution to this problem and people who say otherwise obviously don’t understand humanity or history.

    • The Skeptic

      There are always 3 sides to every story. The way some people are touting this program as the greatest thing since sliced bread and the reluctance of the city to fund it tells me there’s a good reason the city won’t fund it that it’s supporters are glossing over and covering up.

  3. Now is what I call a more fiscally responsible option.

    I would like to know where the $1.2 B went to address the housing issue for our homeless.

    • Travis beinen

      All vch recived went into speculative land purchases and embezzlement by looping funding back into itself by having conflict interest parties engauged from both st Joseph’s and Lula Eskander from hacla.
      Rest is a deplorable thing she considers human with ethics or moral.. flat out retarded

    • MuckRaker

      Me too! St. Joseph’s Center, Santa Monica Housing Authority, The People Concern, etc. Now they are trying to create propoganda documentaries to cover their tracks… Bezos just gave St
      Joseph’s Center $60 million. I think its a money laundering scheme embedded in fraudulent landuse deals.#seetreemandocumentaries

  4. reta

    I think it is just a matter of time before the City recognizes Heidi and John’s projects and adds them to their alternative types of homes for the homeless. It is obviously working and it is fast and inexpensive. Winning combinations. It is hard to beat success.

  5. Carol

    Heidi and John are heroes! If only Bonehead could figure out how to kickbacks (and get re-elected) this way, he may reconsider his $500-700k/unit beach condos.

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