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Lancaster Wants to Ban Feeding the Homeless; Residents of 3rd Ave Have Long Fought Such Feedings

Lancaster tries to ban feeding the homeless — taking food to them — but opposition leads to postponement of decision.

Rick Swinger and others living around 3rd Ave in Venice have long fought people dumping food off in Venice.  It is usually food that is about to spoil and ends up spoiling on the streets where the homeless live and this invites the rats which bring diseases.  Others go to the homeless and feed them.  Services have objected to this because people stop going to eat where there are services that could help them.

LA Times article.


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  1. Rick Swinger

    2019 12/15 11AM 3RD The Good and The Unintended Consequences. Is 3rd Ave really the best place for food giveaways? There are no washing stations, restrooms and most importantly, rat proof trash cans. All 3 of these items are just 3 blocks from 3rd at the Rose Ave Beach Parking Lot. Why not move to a cleaner and safer environment so the local businesses and residents in the area will not have to put out all these black poison boxes? LA County Dept of Health Vector Control has issued “Public Investigations Reports” citing 3rd with the harborage of rodents and active “Norway Rat Burrows.” Is a chance of Typhus or worst worth a free hair cut and Blueberry Muffin? Why risk it when there are better venues without the health risks associated with this street? After the news trucks and food tables leave this afternoon all this food waste will be in the mouths of all these hungry rodents! If you ever slept outside and have been bitten on your toe at night by a Big Norway Rat you will never forget it! I Guarantee! Jason the hair stylist who threw this event today told me he would purchase all new rat proof trash cans for 3rd Ave for it was to late for this event. That would be great for we are waiting way too long for Councilman Mike Bonin to do anything about it but ask for $50,000. I will be in touch with Jason. I know of a few other folks myself included that will pitch in for once again our local government has failed us.

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