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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Friday the 13th on 3rd Ave in Venice

By Rick Swinger

Typical day on 3rd for the cleanup.  First photo is a bucket of urine; second photo is gear stowed in the street in front of a condominium on Rose Ave; third photo shows lumber and asks: “why would a camper need lumber” fourth photo is over flowing trash cans considered  giant rat feeders.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    2019 12/15 9PM 3rd Ave Now after “The Mensgroomer” event night falls on 3rd. The hair stylists,news crews,security and food are long gone. The good feelings now dissipates into a nightmare of rats and violent street fights. https://youtu.be/wwIGXcg09A0

  2. reta

    Just removed a couple of comments by alpha and alpha something. All try to correct your spelling and think about what you are writing. Tyler Durdin had one removed too. Calling someone a name doesn’t contribute any information.

    • Love$philth

      Don’t do me any favors please… and you allow insults to go flinging I’ll responds as I see a fair exchange..
      People can’t grasp I am dysabled and autistic w major PTSD and anxiety issues makes written communication especially in this format near impossible.
      Retaa did not post my concerns or information about the legal flaw in ab1197 for whatever reason in Nov. LADBS the agency that has attempted to permit the job site is not the correct authority and I have challenged this legally effectivky directly with the agencies involved.. go spin your own gears.. I had limited amount of time to help and offered be that to others as a resource. I have repeatedly been violently attacked and have ongoing criminal charges as well… for dare assure my contracts were valid.. the fact I was able announce the sanders and aoc Dec 21 busy a week before Bonin announce should concern you. I didn’t post video here cause I want be famous It hinders and puts me at liability but do think public needs have oppertunity to know what’s factually going on.
      I didn’t deserve any personal attack cause I managed post a video.
      I tried be of service to those who unlike me s houldnt be subjected to what I unfortunatly am institutionalized to.
      The crimes I’m accused of and not on maps are disturbed.. and as someone who really truel y wished to get the oppertunity I was contracted to be able integrate into and continue heal and become a constructive memebr of that same community.. well I would want to know if my neigh or was accuses of that and I want you to have that oppertunity.
      I’ve had no gains here.

      Sep and Oct east Venice I was running on active warrent but wanted get some on this information out there before I am locked up and need sit in jail through trial minimally.
      Gets if you allow things spiral for days unchecked.. please don’t bother single out parties..
      I’m good here.. kalifornia über alles

    • I'm done here salute and good luck can't help the hapless

      I’m sevearly dysgraphic of dyslexic nature… but even i can recognize “I’ll” and “all” are not same word..
      Definatly do not feel welcome edit any posts with out indicating ones you alter… I’m afraid you may be not grasping things. Clearly

  3. Bill_E

    What language is this ? Is there an English translation available ?

  4. That philth

    Stop not post my responses if you allow me to be wrongly called a drug addict and if others want act thuggish yes I gave my address to resolve it.. knock it of.. I’m philth I’m live action same..tyler Dryden or others want try instigating with rick, I perferr they try with me.. I’m walking on papers and have court start in January so I’m down to get it in while I can

  5. Rick Swinger

    Bonin’s Dumping Grounds… https://i.imgur.com/TCAe6uS.jpg

  6. Tyler Durden

    I see he waited for sanition to ecort is fat trashy ass. Probably still scared of those bums who ran him down. 😆
    P.T you fat body. You know obesity is a national concern too!! Hahaha

  7. Bonehead Bonin

    If the bums manage to put urine in a bucket, what becomes of their feces?

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