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Venice Update

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MTA Lot Continues to Morph to “Bridge Home”

Note: These photos were sent Tuesday. For some reason, did not see them. So this is what the Bridge Home looked like Tuesday.

By Shawn Stern

The large tent went up very quickly. it will be the main “housing” building for 100 adults. (1st Photo). There is a metal frame being erected in the center of the trailers, which, according to the mock up, will be a covered “dining/seating/lounging area”. (2nd Photo). And some rebar is being set on the right (south) side of the tent between the tent and the permanent MTA building, also not sure what this is for as there seems to be some vertical rebar. According to the “mock up” on the Bridge Home website, this area will be for storage.

I have to say that tent design seems a bit flimsy to me and susceptible to the heavy winds we get around hear before/during/after large storms as well as Santa Ana’s. I’m sure that the city officials, LADBS and architect/builders have made sure that the structure is up to code and this won’t be an issues. I guess time will tell.

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  1. Boninville

    Hey liberatards elections do have consequences. You will all regret this move. And get what you deserve.

  2. homersimpson

    Bonin is a former methamphetamine addict. Explains a lot.

  3. Alphamonx

    It’s a huge issue they don’t dictate code on state jobs or unique structures lile the twnt.. especially w housing involved on an essentials services facility paid for by the state… SDA is the authority on code they had needed seek permitting from. I been on the phone for hours last 2 days taking not making calls

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