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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 12 December 2019

The bad news is there is a new encampment on Rose at Penmar Park from Sunset to Penmar. Venice Blvd has a small encampment across from Public Storage, east of Abbot Kinney Blvd. Andalusia at Abbot Kinney is back with about 20 kids. Mildred at Pacific is growing.

The good news is that the Staples site is no longer there. All was removed Thursday. Someone was using the planters as a hideout. Also part of the good news is that Lincoln at Flower is still vacant as is Westminster Senior Center Park. Talked with a Sanitation man who handled the Lincoln evacuation. He said they had a scheduled maintenance and everyone left, leaving the mess that was cleaned up. No one has returned perhaps because of all the stories. Some are living on Flower on the north side of the building.

Staples was being removed just in time for photos. The garbage was removed and the belongings were tagged and put in a special truck for storage.

Animals are collateral damage sometimes
The collateral damage of animals among the homeless is always hard to witnesses. Kenny from Ohio and his wife went back to Ohio. Kenny’s wife said a couple months ago that they had been promised a place by St. Joseph, and hopefully, it would be before her birthday. Have no idea what happened with the apartment. Kenny’s wife left and he followed, leaving Zoie, their dog. I saw Zoie on 3rd Ave. The dog, a boxer, looks ferocious but is a love bug. She was entrusted with Marlan, a lady, who told me the story of Kenny and his wife.

Marlan was not friendly with the dog and this writer offered to take the dog to find a home for it. Marlan did not like that idea. We discussed it, and it was left open that this writer would, at any time, find a home for the dog, if she didn’t like the dog. Marlan was given a Christmas dog toy for the dog and she reacted very positively about the toy.

3rd and Ocean Front Walk
This writer does not cover 3rd and Ocean Front Walk. Both places have most of the homeless in Venice. Ocean Front Walk has the alley-streets off Ocean Front Walk to the Speedway that are filled with homeless.

South Venice Blvd has a row of tenters from Canal east to Dell. There are a bunch of tenters on South Venice Blvd just before Ocean. Probably fewer near Ocean than before.

It looked like there were fewer campers on both sides of Hampton, south of Rose. Here is what some of the tenters did on Hampton, south of Rose, east side.

North of Rose was completely clean except for belongings on the east side of the street in front of St. Joseph Center. Brian, a homeless man, said that the belongings belonged to the people on the west side of the street. Brian said no one lived on the east side. They just put their belongings there while the other side is cleaned and return at night. Brian apologized for yelling at this reporter at one time. Don’t remember the yelling because it is frequent. But how kind it was for him to apologize.

Believe it was the rainy weather that bothered people last week to make them so nasty.

No one was on 4th.

New Sites
The new encampment on Rose at Penmar between Sunset and Penmar consists of approximately 20 tents that go from the fence to the street. This writer watched Penmar Park for months after the cesspool at the west end of the park was removed and there was no activity until recently. Call the Rangers!

Venice Blvd on north side across from Public Storage between Shell and Abbot Kinney Blvd is about the same as last week. It hasn’t been reported before.

Andalusia and Abbot Kinney Blvd has about 20 kids hanging with their dogs on the east side of Andalusia. Picture only shows a few. The kids line up almost to the alley.

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