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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Fight Back Venice Loses Case; City Wins Their Case; The People Lose Their Protection of the Law

If you can’t win in court, pass a law and make it retroactive. That appears to be the way to beat Fight Back Venice.

Fight Back Venice sued over two ordinances that exempted LA from complying with CEQA stating that compliance was a state requirement. The State passed AB1197 that exempts “qualifying homeless” projects from CEQA. The judge in essence said AB1197 was retroactive, which is not constitutional.

The judge did leave it open for Fight Back Venice to elaborate on one of its arguments about the legality of AB1197 ahead of a January hearing.

Christian Wrede, a member of Venice Neighborhood Council and Fight Back Fence, according to LA Times, said “all Californians who value the rule of law should be alarmed by what transpired in connection with this fundamentally meritorious case.

“City officials knew full well that they were going to lose this lawsuit, so they got their friends in Sacramento to rewrite the law after the fact.

“It doesn’t get much shadier-o- or much stinkier– than that.”

LA Times article.

Comments (3)

  1. Philonious monk

    Strange I had the answer and parties involed in the suite were aware.. when presented to me last month I said was worthless… anyway it solved if anyone really cares..
    I explain in first 7 minutes of the bridge home meeting yesterday https://youtu.be/rNClO07DgWA
    I made sure get it all the way addressed to day.. along with other annoying factors…

  2. Nick Antonicello

    Mr. Wrede is correct and should be applauded to standing up to the Machiavellian tactics of Bonin and his allies. The people of LA don’t matter and the people of Venice matter even less with this fool as our council member. He has a blank check to trample on the rules he doesn’t like and continues to destroy Venice at every possible opportunity.

    • That filth

      I really would like to get me. Wade some critical information regaurding ab1197… by definition it can not mine managed or permitted through LADBS. I have been involved with other public projects that this catigoricaly falls under for compliance. It requires the State devision of Architecture to be issuing permits and approvals… it’s a nightmare what got missed and the liabilities for both metro and the city are o utragious for it

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