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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Bridge Home Questions Can Be Answered

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  1. PaidPlants&worthlessJhonnies

    I’ll piss test.. if no dope you drink it.. deal… or shut your ignorant presumptive hide behind keyboard mouth.. give me your legal let’s see how long takes me gutter drag you lile Brian Ulf got in 12 hours.

  2. Philth

    Haha I don’t do drugs.. and yeah had hour long incoming call from LADBS regaurding everything… crackhead me knows more than they did about construction codes and proper authority… there was no one there.. people cry about privacy… your welcome bitch

  3. Rick Swinger

    How can we trust our leaders when they can’t even post warning signs at the beach run off that is an open black water sewer? The rain has washed diarrhea down the storm drains from dysentery the camp gets from the rotten food dumped on them. Just one barefoot person with a cut on his foot walking the shoreline could get seriously ill! https://i.imgur.com/oXXjvmD.jpg

    • Emile_Zola

      Most of what you’re seeing there is oil run-off from all the cars on the road. Is Joseph Goebbels in your family tree?

      • Rick Swinger

        There is that but we also know that the homeless get dysentery from all this unregulated food dumping on 3rd and their diarrhea has to be hosed off in the alleys going directly into the storm drains and on our beach. Thats why when you test for ECOLI there (Amazon sells test kits) its off the charts. Oil is a nasty pollutant but I would rather have not to step in either but if I had no choice it would be oil instead of human feces for thats where you can get very sick and even die if your barefoot and have a cut.

      • Alpha was here

        Smile, you sound concerned for eco environmental stuff.. as seen in the dec9 spy meeting video, city is well aware of exasperating toxic and life hazards that have been in ground from 1951 disel and gas, not to mention the prior installed bush wash and lubrication pits no one wants disclosed but sitting on public records I pulled… and prove never addressed..
        So for sure most of any measurable contamination has one source… MTA lot and 100 sunset that’s why it never was attempted sold… this is at ground water.. go pick a fight with someone you have business sounding off about who’s contaminating what or what levels are acceptable… ur just mad cause Rick flashed Bonin by find a workable legal solution for rats and trash that oh no mike needed cover the books and keep beg for funding cause he’s a dope find a and don’t know how to handle money.

        Just like Brian ulf… he’s trying act lile is a realtor and advertising as such..
        Has no ducking license and is leach out his wife’s purse trying establish some credibility and name for himself cause he’s a house husband and that’s all he achieved beyond barley crawl put the gutter…
        He’s pure bred gutter trash.

  4. Rick Swinger

    $8,000,000 for this temporary MTA shelter? For that kind of money one could buy 8000 Vinyl and Canvas Tents Manufactured in Fresno California that could sleep 4 per tent getting 32,000 people off the sidewalks! OH! MRSA MRSA! https://www.sweetwaterbungalows.com

    • John Adams

      It’s not a shelter Rick. And you and your friends can continue to call it a shelter from now until doomsday and it still won’t be a shelter. It is transitional housing that is designed to get people off the streets into an environment where they can begin to repair their broken lives. My only objection to it is calling it Bridge Housing. The only reason they’re doing it is to try and make people believe they’ve come up with some original idea. They haven’t. It’s transitional housing. And once it opens they will easily find 154 homeless people around here to fill it and more to take their spots when they’ve moved on. Do I believe
      the mayor when he says the average stay will be 30 to 90 days to find people housing? I don’t actually. It’s incredibly expensive to rent an apartment anywhere in L.A. these days. But what I think will happen is that many of these people will be convinced to accept bus tickets back to their hometowns and that many of the addicts will be talked into entering a rehab program. At any rate they will be off the streets. And that’s all that matters.

      • Rick Swinger

        I sure hope you are right John and call it what you like but its is a type shelter none the less and the real question is why aren’t a large % of these folks convinced to take bus tickets back home or get drug rehab now? What will change that? Again I hope Im wrong but I think the only way we are going to see true change is in a Supreme Court ruling overturning the Martin vs Boise case for there is too much confusion surrounding the 9th district ruling. Also MTA Bridge Housing having a cost of $16,000,000 one should ask why is it so expensive? That could buy 16,000 canvas tents made in Fresno Ca and take 64,000 folks off the street (4 per tent) leaving alot more money for Mental Health and Drug Rehab and Low Cost Housing. Why does the Mayors drinking fountain on 3rd drain mucus water onto the sidewalk like Medieval times at a cost of $50,000! Why do Porta-potties costing $320,000 each! Please listen to what other liberals are saying now! Ive been a life long democrat but now Im wondering how my party lost its way as our beach closures are extended longer than ever after it rains! I wonder why rat proof trash cans Mike Bonin finally made a motion for cost $50,000 for just two encampments when the county supplies them for $100 each. We have many questions but they are not being answered by these Bridge Housing RSVP Meetings that are controlled by filling out a question form. Thats not how a democracy is support to work. Click here and please reply… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1elBgwBu2g

        • Rick Swinger

          An added note I heard yesterday the MTA Bridge Housing is up to a whopping $16,000,000 not $8,000,000 I was lend to believe! WOW!

        • John Adams

          The short answer to why people in large is that it’s really hard to think straight when you’re living in an encampment. Before a lot of these people can start making decisions about getting out of the rut they’re in they need to be in an environment where they’re living like human beings again instead of wild animals.

          • Filth

            Bullshit… I did 9 years in streets and jails… we don’t allow anyone behave like this in jail.. you nurtured and enabled it specifically here qith the yenta enabling give em a cookie they will figure it out mess.

  5. Rick Swinger

    The problem I have with this is why you must RSVP in order to find out where its being held? Is this a way to limit protests and to spike the audience with mostly their supporters? If its like any other Mike Bonin, Eric Garcetti and Social Service Corporation’s Meetings Ive been to they will ask you to write down your question and hand it in. Most the time mine are not answered and/or I wont be call to speak. This is a way to appear you are involved with democracy but they are in control and not the people. Also the panel of experts are they really experts and will they be honest, sincere, and really answer the questions that our community has or will they be bias, self serving and have their own political agendas at heart?


      Was insaine… I got notice hours before.. had to use an alternate email to get a response this time. Following is first hour it was bullshit 100% bullshit.. but in first 7 minutes I disclosed something that caused jaws to hit floor…
      https://youtu.be/rNClO07DgWA and today I made sure it was very clear it needs be addressed as I dictated to them

      • Mo Moana

        Is there another video of this meeting that was shot by somebody other than this crack head who had the camera pointed at himself for the entire 62 minutes ?

        • Philt$

          Haha I don’t do drugs.. and yeah had hour long incoming call from LADBS regaurding everything… crackhead me knows more than they did about construction codes and proper authority… there was no one there.. people cry about privacy… your welcome bitch

        • Get bent

          It called phone in lap.. your lazy ads could have attended instead of who he like a bitch… prolly one of Brian u lf the admitted crack heads sucker plants that tried even paying me lol

        • Sea

          I am ashamed of you and your comment, Phil is just trying to help, he was there and you were not, he recorded the meeting and posted it, you did not, people are so worried about being on video, so he did the right thing and respected other people’s privacy, you owe Phil an apology as well as the rest of us for your asinine comment

          • Mo Moana

            Give me a break. People at a public meeting have no expectation of privacy. That’s a lame excuse to justify this junkies 62 minute selfie. And you’re another dope addict who writes long rambling posts that nobody can understand. I have nothing to apologize for. I don’t do political correctness. All of you addicts around here is why Venice Beach is one of the great laughing stocks of the world.

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