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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Augmented Shelters Open 24 Hours Now–Oakwood Rec, Westchester Senior Center

This is the Venice augmented shelter at Oakwood Recreation Center that opened Tuesday. Their facility will hold 100. Thanksgiving Day they had about five women and about eight men. They feed them and there is a TV at one end for them to watch. One lady said she had just come in from Las Vegas this weekend. This writer laughed and said “You made it just in time for the storm.” She laughed. Ali, a tall man, was unhappy because he didn’t have his kitty. He had come to California in July, had spent a year in Phoenix and was from the East Coast. There was really no press release in advance notifying people of the shelter. It is warm, one is fed, and the staff could not be more caring and courteous. If one is homeless, a staff like this is priceless.  Apparently, this is a joint effort of Recreation and Parks, LAHSA and City.

The following “augmented” shelters opened early. Oakwood Recreation Center opened Tuesday and will be open 24 hours until Saturday when it will close. Westchester Senior Center opened Wednesday and will be open 24 hours until Saturday when it will close.  Regular shelters throughout Los Angeles are open from 1 December to 31 March. These augmenting shelters are supplementing the regular shelters to keep people out of the rain and the cold. Also listed are augmented shelters throughout Los Angeles. Following that list is a list of the shelters throughout Los Angeles that are opening early and will remain open.

Other augmented Winter shelters.

There are also regular shelters that are opening early and will remain open for the season.

Comments (6)

  1. vote

    Venice residents vote your life depends on it

  2. Jenny

    THis is a joke. WE just keep CODDLING any transient drug addict from the West Coast and the expense of our residents. Public lementary school and basketball gym that our kids have a legal, constitutional right to attend – no problem, a little typhus and feces never hurt our little kids right?

    It’s a JOKE. And I don’t care how many justifications folks from the social services industry make up, when our resident children start getting sick or dying from these medieval diseases or from a resurgence of deadly plague from all the rats and feces, then (MAYBE) mayor Garretti and politicians like junkie Bonin will allow the LAPD to clean this nightmare out of Mad Max up.

    Can’t believe that’s what its gonna take – dying children. I mean even transients with guns shooting people dead or mowing them down (dead) on the Strand won’t get people to wake up.

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    What homeless person has access to this information? Why are transients from Las Vegas welcomed? Why is a gym being converted for this purposes? How about the kids who live here? Who is going to sanitize this facility after this kind of usage? Who would want to play in that gym now?

    • Philth

      Vch corp stj everyone in safeplace… all the clients that are already signed up for services. They get $ per head they assure is in a cot and not on street. It’s why they invintory everything and account for every client they make any actions for or with

  4. Mike Bravo

    lol, look how empty this shelter is! A telling story on how little help the homeless want here in Venice

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