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Bridge Home at MTA Site Becomes a Little More Concrete

(Photos by Shawn Stern)  Pacific Ave facing east.

By Shawn Stern

Concrete pump came in early this morning (26 November) as it was there when I woke up at 7 am. And now the first truck has arrived and they are beginning to pump the concrete for the slab that will, I believe, be the communal “building.”

This has been the main focus of work for the past 10 days as they put in sand and a vapor barrier, made the forms and set the rebar. Keep in mind all of this work and materials is supposed to be temporary, which means it will all be torn out when they dig this entire lot up to put in what will likely be a huge mixed use NOT affordable housing unit in the future. Such is the use of our tax dollars.

If it helps the estimated one thousand homeless in Venice to move off the street into housing and get services they need, then great, but since there is literally no housing to put them in now, I doubt this “plan” will work six months or a year from now when there is still no housing to put them in.

This is at best a very expensive band aid, and I believe, without a comprehensive detailed plan on how the government will solve the issues of ALL homeless in the city, (especially those individuals with serious mental health and substance abuse problems that are a danger to themselves, which means a danger to the public). The tax payers/voters will continue to be angry over the lack of spine of our elected representatives and appointed administrators in charge of solutions.

The one question I never see addressed in community meetings I’ve attended or in the numerous government and homeless advocacy literature/websites I have read, is what is the plan for those individuals that say NO to services, NO to getting off the street? No one has an answer other than they are “working on a comprehensive solution to a complex problem.” That may be true, but unfortunately the hard decisions that need to be made are not being made by those in “charge.”

The police can’t fix this, that’s not their job and putting the chronically homeless with serious mental health problems into jail doesn’t help anyone, especially not them. For the past thirty years the homeless advocacy groups have battled with local governments and the stalemate has resulted in leaving the homeless to live on the streets and parks “hoping” that the combined government and private services would find a solution. And clearly that doesn’t work!

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  1. Lunar module

    Anyone know who the contractor and architect/engineer is for this project? Large pump and concrete slab for trailers seems a little excessive

  2. That philth

    Sean could you olease try and post on 311 app when you SELECTING service type please scroll to bottom to other… 100 sunset, your phitos are critical please to help city document knowm and established issue ongoing with LADBS. Can simply put “refer to john mattillo or bruce todd of metro ladbs in re open referred out to state devision of architecture… I’m fighting with them regaurds acknowledged inability to be issuing any permits regaurding this AB1197 job site, they are not the authority and can not run a state essentials facility job site and everyone knows it… been slapping it around Bonins office for months.. it’s of record with ladbs..
    Thank you

  3. Stupid people vote this way and this what they get

    This what happens when you voted in the VNC, Bonin and Garcetti

  4. PhilT

    Call 311 and ask why inspectors have failed to assure the open complaint first of 2019 was reffered to the correct authority as was supposed to before broke ground… it’s there it’s public.. and they can’t blame a clerical error.. we got them by the shoestrings

  5. Alpha

    LITTERALLY have proven LADBS CAN not run this job site… I’m fighting with city hall to make them comply to state devision of architecture or the whole job is a liability pit.. thank you for these shots.. you just really affirmed issue for them.

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