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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Mayor Asks for Special Patrols Around Civic Center and Other City Buildings; 3rd Ave – Hampton Drive Residents Want the Same Protection

Mayor Eric Garcetti asks for foot and mounted patrols around the Civic Center and other City buildings after City employees said they felt unsafe.

Homeowners who face 3rd Ave and Hampton Drive have asked for foot patrols. One resident recorded the scene at 3rd and Rose for 24 hours. It was found that there were five fights, three using weapons. That was one 24-hour period. This does not count the verbal threats and abuse that residents encounter day and night. This does not count the filth the residents encounter.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose on the west side, has been doing something about the homeless for years. They hired a security guard to escort employees to their cars or to the building. They wash and sanitize the sidewalks every day and ask the homeless to move all belongings in accordance with the law. The sidewalks are power washed at least once a week. The homeless appreciate the service. It costs the business owners.

This was sent to Update 19 November. It comes from Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Office. The third paragraph seems to be cut off.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    Rodents infestations and trash out of control on 3rd Encampment and Hampton dr encampment even thought 3rd has Care 2 Team, 5 times a week. BID Clean up team everyday. LA Sanitation comes every Friday with their Hazmat suits on. Environmental Watershed Protection with their bleach spray downs every Friday. Street Cleaning Trucks once a week. Public Storage with their power washing twice a week. Rose Cafe power washing. LAHSA with their team, C3 Team with RN from St. Joseph Center. Google Security and Rose Cafe Security, Beer House Parking Security. LA County Health Vector Control Inspectors. LAPD and LAFD always out here multiple times a day. The question remains.. When is our government going to figure out that unregulated camping is putting our community in a medieval environment and all that goes with it? If you can’t control the native rodents and pollution you will not be able to control the diseases that come with them!

  2. Rick Swinger

    We also need these regular foot patrols around 3rd, Sunset Hampton and Rose.

  3. Alpha that ghost

    Demand the lax crime maps fornofficeres addressing Venice matters… he’ll I was investigated for apparently an attempted h omiside with a weapon… have the detective report number and everything… was July 25 not on map… my Sep 10 incident with same dude in my apartment again… not on map…
    May may 31 homeless pull knife on me not in map and open with Frank shin of LAX who has internal affairs opened up REGAURD his dealings w my cases I got threatened and attacked by same dude Saturday and Monday last week.. LAPD trying tell me to contact lax to follow up.
    The march 2018 step at 200 Lincoln not on map…
    Oh but vch gets burglarized a d all client files stolen including HOOPS RECORDS FOR THE 500 CLIENTS THEY HOUSE AT 14 PROPERTIES AND THEY GET THE LAPD FLEET… AND ON MAP FOR OCT 31 NOV 1

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