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“Bad Habits” is a Sweet Kick!

“Bad Habits” is a cheery, spicy way to start the Holiday Season or any season!

The play, starring Venice’s own Alley and Orson Bean, has nothing but professional talent and it shows … they can sing; they can dance; they can act; they can deliver a line. It is one laugh after another. The show, play written by Steve Mazur, could and should replace any of the Geffen Playhouse playbills.

It starts with an explosion and continues with explosive dialogue, wonderful solos (Ave Maria a cappella), special vignettes. One doesn’t even care if there is a plot … but there is.

Orson is a bishop and Alley is mother superior. The others are very talented “Bad Habits.”

Remember these names Lee Garlington, Mouchette van Helsdingen, Jacquelin Lorraine Schofield, Jacquelynne Fontaine, and Kelsey Griswold.

Caution: Do not go if you have an adversity to laughter.

Now showing Fridays and Saturdays at 8 pm and Sundays at 2 pm at the Ruskin Group Theatre, 3000 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica. To get tickets call 310-397-3244 or go to RuskinGroupTheatre.com.

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  1. The correct link for “Bad Habits” at the Ruskin theater is http://www.ruskingrouptheatre.com/

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