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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

VNC Performed a Motion Marathon to Large Crowd

The Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) performed a motion marathon Tuesday  night that started early (6:30) and ended just before 11 pm.  Approximately 25 motions were approved or not approved before a larger than usual crowd.

In addition to the motions, Chris Zonas, was selected by the board to fill the Land Use and Planning Committee vacancy.  His concerns were sticking to the Venice Specific Plan and Venice traffic.

Alek Bartrosouf, transportation deputy for Councilman Mike Bonin, said new parking signs had been installed on Pacific from Navy to Market.  It use to be a no stopping or parking tow away zone between 8 am and 8 pm.  Now there is no stopping between 8 to 10 am and 3 to 7 pm, leaving parking between 10 am and 3 pm.  There was some criticism regarding this.  President Ira Koslow explained that the proposal had been before the VNC board three times and was approved the third time and that this was a trial.

The VNC authorized Outreach satisfaction survey was presented and approved.  It showed that two of the questions, showed a high lack of satisfaction with  Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin.  It was suggested that these two showings be removed or put at the last because there was no place for politics in the survey.  Board member Chris Wrede said they should stay that the satisfaction might be higher than either politician expected.  President Koslow then said that the questions had already been approved.  To see a copy, click here.

The single-lot subdivision at 315 6th Avenue was passed.  The lot has 6000 sq ft and two separate houses were planned.  They were told they had to put an an “Additional Dwelling Unit” (ADU) on each piece of property.  This was passed.

Robin Murez announced that she is building a carousel for Venice and it will be put in Centinnel park which is the land east of the  Venice Library on Venice Blvd to Abbot Kinney.  She said one bike peddling the carousel will move 15 people.


Two of the main motions were regarding the Venice Blvd median.  One was rezoning and the other the homeless unit cost as explained by Ron Galperin, city controller, rising as high as $700K per unit.  Galperin expressed outrage and recommended other solutions.  The motion was written and aimed at the Venice Median project.

The motion opposing the zone change from open space to mixed use, R-3, was passed.  Board member Jim Murez explained and verified the public parking numbers in Venice.  He listed the number of public parking places as less than 2000 total spaces while neighboring Santa Monica has 16,000.  For the sake of the residents and the tourists,  he explained, that rezoning this open space property used for parking was a dire mistake, eliminating the residents of Venice from ever having preferential parking and limiting tourists,

The motion regarding the cost had to  be modified to remove any reference to the Venice Median project proposed by the Venice Community Housing.  So the motion was to recommend reprograming housing to less expensive projects.  Then the motion was approved.

Other motions

One motion was to have trash cans around the Old Venice Post Office area.   One person made the comment that the cans would just be used to prevent homeless from sleeping on the sidewalks.  Others said Venice could not have too many trash cans.

A  Venice Grand Prix was a fun motion made by Jim Murez, head of parking and transportation.   Murez showed slides of couches moving down the road.  None of the vehicles can go as fast as a scooter, said Murez. He proposes investigating such an event.  Board member Sima Kostovetsky said it is just a fun project.

VNC Board approved a retreat and authorized $900 for it.

Several tree motions were made and they all passed without discussion. Request the City to Update the tree species list, support tree planting/tree care blitz, revisit the tree planting guidelines.

One motion by board member James Robb asked for an investigation into OFW clothing printers, all under the same ownership, who have received reviews of scam, rip-off.

A motion was made to make all bike lanes green.

One motion had to do with traffic controls at Speedway and Venice Blvd. Another motion wanted VNC to be notified prior to a bike corral or parklet being implemented. One motion had to do with protecting the historic column heads, another filming in Venice to notify the Venice council, a study to fix problem of wrong way traffic at 100 Sunset.

Since the implementation of transit oriented corridors, Murez requested documentation to provide abutting areas of such transportation effects that they might have on Venice.

Parking Transportation committee made a policy statement motion that it wanted any future coastal zone community plan or land use plan to protect the Venice Quality of Life in relation to public right of ways and to provide adequate notice.

Motion proposed to get Caltrans, LA City and VNC together to determine plans for Lincoln Blvd, State Route 1, from Navy to Maxella.

Comments (4)

  1. Sea

    After years of going to these meetings, I finally got a little bit of payback,
    Linda and Becky were both so upset at the board on 2 motions that went against them, they seemed to almost cry, it was so disappointing to see Linda have to have her microphone shut off and yet she continued to attempt to address the board, she of all people knows the rules… she only relinquished after the entire room booed and shouted her down, including chants of “Lock her up!”

    • Spooky philth

      So sorry I missed it sea.. look forward to seeing you at the next oppertunity..
      They go into flat shock mode just seeing me walking free… almost like they are a ghost.

  2. thatPHILTH

    U nfortunatly they are doing thier jobs… just too well… wrongly it’s assumed because they sit in those role titles that’s thier interest of concern… never considering that’s thier seat to control and direct traffic to their true concern and financial benefits

  3. Nicholas Antonicello

    Is it a shock that both Mayor Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin have high negatives and massive unpopularity with Venice respondents of the survey close to 80%? Maybe they should read the survey and start doing their jobs!

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