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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Bridge Housing MTA Lot, Monday

Note: Shawn Stern has said he would give daily photos of the site. So this is Monday, 18 November.

By Shawn Stern

This is the MTA site today. Also the LADOT was out today adding/replacing the NO STOPPING OR PARKING TOW AWAY between 8am-8pm signs on Pacfic Ave with new signs that limit the no stopping between 8am-10am and 3pm-7pm. That means people can now park on Pacific between 10am-3pm.

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  1. Alpha

    Shaun Stern I really want to talk to you sir. I caught a few of the false flag locals disrupting you guys get traction and know they are stage a law suite that’s useless at expense of homeowners at 700 main. Devision of state architecture is who this project needs approval for.
    I super document LADBS in deep shit.. city agrees and is pannicing cause liability concerns.. I managed document major systemic compramized supervising and principal inspector and that is exactly why city sees… we can hustle everything and assure things are done safe and saine.

  2. Matilloo and Bruce Todd going have bad week

    City records document LADBS systemicly COMPRAMISED and doing favors… VCH is the demonstration and how directly impacting 100 sunset MTA lot https://imgur.com/gallery/5IidElX
    I managed to have LADBS senior inspector John Mattillo chase me like a spaztic trying out out the fires I lit under VCH ass… systemically compramized in full.. on thier own records..

  3. And here is what you have to stop Venice Community housing...

    Documentation of the criminal breach of funding for VCH corp https://imgur.com/gallery/go8sFZw here is the reason and proof they breach thier federal obligations let ALOME to community by allowing clients to breach programs flagrantly.. this was someone who has successfully attacked me 2 times inside my appartment and threatend me from day I moved in

  4. AlphaMONX

    As of the 15th LADBS status and how city feels about the liability and potential cause for what happens today at great expense and rush. https://imgur.com/gallery/oFn97xS
    Time to start demand to know why inspectors are trying hide complaints that are open that they state needed be referred out at last action…
    Go ahead and check first complaint for 2019 is from ya boy philth..
    And I gutted them weeks ago…

    All AB1197 projects have a catastrophic flaw in legal foundations….
    Moved to fast didn’t cover your ass and i already cut out your pockets.

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