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Encampment Update — 14 November 2019

In memory of Jay, the guy in the middle, who died this month from drinking too much alcohol. Photo was taken in August. Jay was from Texas and stuck with Beast, the guy on the right, who was from Hawaii. The guy on the left was Josh from Iowa who soon after the photo was taken moved from the Lincoln Blvd encampment. Beast said he woke up one morning and Jay was yellow. He got the paramedics to take Jay to the hospital and Jay died a few weeks later. Many die in encampments and it isn’t necessarily because they are exposed to the weather but because they overdose on drugs or drink too much.

The last Encampment Update was in October.  Since October, Venice has noticeably more homeless.

Westminster Senior Center park has many more campers; Hampton Dr from Rose to Sunset is now almost one encampment on the west side and the east side is filling up; Lincoln Blvd has extended to wrap around on Flower;  South Venice Blvd is almost one continuous camp from Pacific Ave to Ocean and even Pacific Ave has one; the neighborhood of Oxford Triangle has been plagued with two to three campers at the Thatcher Yard, one in an alley between Yale and Stanford, and the usual on/off homeless at Walgreens on Carter; and throughout Venice individual campers join another camper for the night and then disband or stay together throughout Venice.

The good news is that Ocean Ave has no campers.

The campers this writer has met have been for the most part kind, considerate, and polite but there are others who must be avoided.  There are those who yell at you and call you names but are harmless.

There are those who steal and there has been an uptick in theft around or near encampments.  For sure a bike is not safe.   Citizens are duly concerned.  One person living near Westminster Park was gone for a short time and feels that campers were watching her pattern of movements to steal from her.  Oxford Triangle is investigating getting a patrol to support the neighborhood.  The Silver Strand and Venice Canals already have one.

Everyone understands that druggies and alcoholics need money to support their habits.

Pacific Ave and South Venice Blvd

Mildred Ave is still not forgotten.

Westminster Park. First figure shows it before police told all to put tents down. Second is after and the tents are down. Neither picture shows all the campers. It is hard to shoot into the shade.

Hampton Drive, Rose to Sunset is almost one continuous camp from Google to Sunset on west side. East side is fast filling in.

Hampton, north of Rose. The west side is clean. Business owners power wash daily, help the homeless, have security for the workers. It must be a large expense but it works. For awhile they had security at the Jewish school. The camp on the east side of the street at St. Joseph keeps growing.

4th Ave from Rose to Vernon had one encampment near Rose.

Lincoln Blvd is the tragedy. There were three campers bordering the front. The sidewalk was not ADA at all. The group seems friendly and helpful. It now wraps around to the Flower side. Beast is sleeping on the wrap.

Staples was pretty much the same as it had been. People were moving in between the planters and storing stuff. Second photo showed LAHSA and Sanitation cleaning up the area.

Oxford Triangle area has been plagued by campers at the Thatcher Yard. Police have talked to them yet they remain or one will leave and two more come. There is a man who insists on sleeping in the alley between Yale and Stanford. Police have talked with him but he is still there. Carter at Walgreens everyone has witnessed a group of homeless hanging at one time or another. Police come and they go and a new group moves in.

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