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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Homeless in Venice — Life is Good!

Man sleeps comfortably in his hammock between two trees on private property at the Thatcher Yard.

Note: Statistics for homeless in Venice show that  90 to 95 percent of homeless are transient and 75 percent have substance abuse problems according to a former Pacific Division police captain and the LAPD Homeless Task Force originators Steve and Regina Weller.

Free food at Bed and Roses on Rose Ave; free medical at the Family Clinic; free showers and clothes at St.Joseph on Lincoln. Free showers at Rose beach parking lot and 3rd Ave once a week. Free all night toilet facilities at Rose and Horizon beach toilets. Free needles at Family Clinic.

Drugs and alcohol are not free but are accessible.

… and that Venice beach weather that Venetians pay a lot of money to enjoy. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

… and no mom or pop with the rules. You can throw your trash on the street. (Free cleanup.) Police won’t bother you other than insist that you put your tent down and provide ADA compliance. You can drug and drink yourself to death.

… and the social services will help get you on public assistance. If you are clever, perhaps an SSI disability.

… and you can’t discount the camaraderie of people in the same boat. Party at night and sleep on the beach during the day. You can always move to another area when the crowd gets boring or home beckons.

… and now the possibility of housing nearby without having to give up the addiction.

Life is good!

Comments (2)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    Mike Bonin protects these people over those pulling the cart, paying taxes, working for a living, drug free and responsible. Mike Bonin sees nothing wrong with the drug addicted and transient urinating and defecating all through Venice. Look at Thoma’s at WHOLE FOODS or the old furniture store where an entire city block has been taken over because of Bonin’s inaction and pandering to the dregs of society! Why is Bonin even allowed to be at the Venice Sign Lighting? He hates Venice and anyone who works for a living. This “man” has no understanding or comprehension of what is right and what is wrong!

    • Alphamonx

      Because it’s derilect easy to legally secure like the property on boardwalk… call it derilect and take it away… that lot is insainly valuable… but guess who’s going to need it.. wouldn’t it be better if was a housing development that no longer needs conform they assumed post philth killed ab1197

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