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LAWA Answers City and LA Times About Using Northside Runway Land for Homeless

In a memo addressed to all the LA City Council members, Legislative Representative Glenda Silva Pantoja for the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) said the land Jim Murez, Venice activist, spoke of for the LA Times article could not be used for homeless purposes as proposed because the land is prohibited by the FAA to be used for residential use. It is considered a noise buffer between LAX and the community.

The LA Times had an article about Jim Murez, Venice activist and member of the Venice Neighborhood Council, and his proposal to use the 340 acres next to the LAX north runway for homeless … a large bridge home so to speak. The Venice Update had an article of this nature in August 2016. The late Councilman Bill Rosendahl and Councilman Mike Bonin have both tried to use this land for the homeless.

Jim Murez in the Venice Update article did recognize that the LAX land in question was restricted but offered the land at Lincoln and Manchester Blvd, which is used as a park and the council office for the westside area.

The question arises: Are there other lands owned by the City that could provide a large area for temporarily housing the homeless and moving them into permanent housing. It would seem that this would be a City solution for sanitation and public livability and safety.   During the war, this country did not hesitate to move Japanese-Americans to areas away from the City.  Dr Kenneth Wright, who is again running for US congress, recommended using closed army bases, federal land. The resources used for individual encampments throughout the City seems to be financially not feasible and results are not forthcoming.   The endangerment to the public health and safety is an ever increasing concern.

The following is the memo addressed to all the City Council members and explains in detail why the City cannot use the land to provide for the homeless.

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  1. URdurtierThan PHILTHY

    Yeah internment camps is not a constructive comparable for a solution… remove this from update or be sure some of us will want nothing to do with the idiot messages it’s trying send…
    Seriously wtf..
    I’m an asshole and gnarley to deal with.. your suggesting one of America’s worst transgressions and one that very seriously impacted the heart Venice we speak of..
    This is some borderline Nazi level ignorant shit to assure you have no support and you are the one that looks the idiotic fool.
    From that high school drop out mentally ill autistic piece of shit…
    You clearly reside below me in the gutter..
    Disturbed and flatly retarded statement that assures you are as harmful as can be ..
    If I miss interpreted it I don’t care.. your a moron for even opening that comparison..

  2. reta

    That is a jump from what was stated. Putting them on the acreage at LAX would be the same. Can’t believe anyone would jump to national security threat. I can see why you don’t use your name.

  3. Amazed

    During the war, this country did not hesitate to move Japanese-Americans to areas away from the City.

    You do realize don’t you that with this quote you are implying that the homeless are a national security threat ? Seriously?

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