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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Activist Soledad Ursua and California Policy Writer Ed Ring Talk of “Homeless Industrial Complex” on Larry O’Connor Talk Radio

Venice activist Soledad Ursua and California Policy writer Edward Ring talk about the “Homeless Industrial Complex” helping only the builders and the services. Here the show.

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  1. Philth-O-matic

    How dare you soledad… the people enjoy watching money pouring through the drains for no reason or solution only to build fortified encampments to keep this the drop in center for nurtured drug abuse and assuring no motivation to help selves actively try and reintegrate to the community that sponsors them… we want to harbor and shelter anyone that dose not want to try or feel and need to return an exchange in equity for a quality of life…
    It would be disturbed and totally inhumane to try provide programs that motivate and reward self better ment or effective treatment..
    Hell VFC gives you a gift card for Ralph’s if you make you appointment no matter what it’s for… they are awsome cause did u know you can buy booze and smokes with these unlike any and welfair… did u know they give them out if you manage to sit through a 12 step also…
    It would be criminal to expect any type of constructive return on the sheltered dope dens… it would be o utragious to expect some sort of program requiring participation to assure there is motivation to participate and engauge..

    It is way better to build out new construction load with new appliances and furnish them with vouchers with any expectation anyone would care about the stuff…
    It’s all free endless..
    Hell my neighbor down stairs 3 months in a row was trash brand new in assembled Ikea furniture because it annoyed her… no worries we will just buy you replacements you won’t care about cause we are foolish getting used by dope fiends who do exactly this..
    Granny state of enabled dope fiends…

    From a member of said demograph… who’s struggled to get out because I’m in that demograph and it’s what’s expected.

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