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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Councilman Bonin to Have Two Town Halls in November — Homelessness and Public Safety

These two town halls — 6 and 13 November — are sponsored by CD11 and will be held 6:30 pm in West LA at Daniel Webster Middle School auditorium, 11330 Graham Pl 90064, which is near the intersection of the 10 and 405 freeways.

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  1. Rick Swinger

    I was asked to be on the VNC homeless committee today which I think is a honor but had to decline do to other obligations. Interesting I ask if anyone knew about the needles given away to homeless drug addicts by the Venice Family Clinic and no one in the room knew this but one person said they could buy their heroin and meth needles at the CVS on Main and Rose. If true that would be strange for they don’t even allow alcohol sales there. It’s probably a loop hole for diabetics need them too but I would think they would need a Perscription.

    • Booooniiinnn

      I used to manufacture piercing needles.. I learned from good art when I was a teen and worked for Stephan on 4th.. if just get any needle size I wanted from get supply and hut off the hubs and resealed and sterilized. I agree drugs huge valid issue… u will not cut off the supply of how they inject it.. dirty needles is not a problem for alot of these zombies.. it’s a pubic health concern for sure.
      BCC actually gives you $5 Ralph’s gift card for each appointment one of thier clients (everyone one 3rd and contacted by st j ospehs are signed up for primary care through them) makes it to for whatever they schedual it.
      Unlike my food stamps and ebt u can and they do buy booze and smokes with them
      If you go to a 12 step same thing… it’s insaine.. st josphes and VCH both hand out Ralph’s gift cards knowing 5here is no restriction and the excuse is they don’t have a place to cook so can’t access the food pantry at hampton.
      There is not programs therapy or rehabilitation available. Hell. Maybe not a huge % if the demographic want them, but shouldn’t we DEFINATLY have access to them…
      Big dose not require or even contractually threaten drug testing… been OD death in my building.. not reported to hacla, of record he packed up and abandoned his unit…
      Nice right..
      Find record of the araon that occured March 2018 in what is the unit I now occupy…
      My criminal reports don’t show on crime stat maps…. oh they are being investigated at LAX…outside of Los Angeles police department… so like all Bonin stats they fudge em…

      • Touched by special philth

        Vfc* I’m dysgraphic if it’s hard for you to read… imagine if you didn’t notice things wring…

    • Bonin's Bumz

      How are we supposed to enjoy pedaling down Bonin’s road dieted-bike lanes if all our bikes are being stolen by Bonin’s unhoused, unsheltered, neighboring Los Angelenos?

    • That off color white boy

      Oh I have reports to metro and they have tried recover 3 desperate bikes from 200 lincoln..VENICE COMMUNITY HOUSING CORP. I ALSO HAVE TEXT EXCHAGES WITH MANAGMENT REGAURDING THE STOLEN METRO BIKES ON PROPERTY… one came from downtown.. same suspect who charged me with a knife.. yeah metro worker reported his getting attacked to LAPD when he tried figure out how to cut the chain on it to recover…
      I’m good at collect incident report and catching vch screw up..
      Well can’t can screw up if it’s a constant stream of it.

  2. Philth

    What a disgraceful put on show… I appologize I had to leave after s.p.y. staff continued to try and stimulate my acknowledged mental healthbossue and going so far as to try and have izicial challenge me to go outside… LAPD captain tried step in and intimidate me and male suggested demands I find an other seat… he understood very well what I care about his opinion when it’s outside it place duty or job… I made clear I was asking the employee to stop with his “aggressive” passive aggressiveness to with his coworker acknowledged and agreed to get him to knock it off and stop stimulating my mental health issue.. it’s on par for these workers and staff of idealistic children that have never even had to or fulfilled a contractual obligation or lease…
    Think they know better what people in my position and demograph need…
    It’s disgusting.. it’s toss bodies in boxes with no solution.. just putting encampments in buildings burning funds with zero programs or ethical exchange…
    Vch dosen t even care if clients pay rent cause it’s only $50 the rest is subsidized… see these programs account for what we should be able to afford and rebecome valued members and contributing members of society… instead that’s why first 2 weeks of every month is spun out meth speed Greek terror… it’s sad I don’t blame the cops, but yeah he’s tripping with them continue to move more men by me to talk trash… both in new.. as I had already had that chat w him on entry.. b3cause the demograph of course I was instigating issue right.. not the goofy kid who continued to try tell me what and how to behave… suddenly none wanted acknowledge worked for spy.. but dude next to me wanted his friends to knock it off…
    Oh well they started it by try talk down because I had a Nicky shirt on suggesting I don’t know what I was talk about.. Bonin did nothing but spit irrelevant numbers and stats he didn’t recognize a thousands place from hundreds and called something a math problem, when no it wasn’t and is not even an applicable true formula… it was garbled bullshit for an hour… there was opertunity for some information for the pannel.. but the homeless rep zeek.. funny he’s sponsored tenant of VCH who actually revives a daily stipent and lives in a hotel… he is one of VCH pets I long document… he’s not a success story he’s a burden on funding and done nothing the programs are d eaign for to assure we get back into stable lives.. vch has no mental health care staff.. They have no programs or services of offer..
    I will try next one now that I know what to expect . I’ll bring headphones for forts hour half…
    Vch sponsored tenant is who Bonin brought… not suprizing at all.

  3. philthy

    i hope to be there to present the fact that VCh satisfied costal and approved for city funding for $14 mill for their privately held land on rose.. to do it they have built out a non zoned or occupancy permit holding office that they have neglected to bother even attempting to comply with orders. hosing code enforcement have escalated my own complaint as well for non compliance for my unit with active health code violations ongoing documented from occupancy in April. they have neglected to get permitting for the unapproved laundry facility including the unpermitted and out of code installed gas lines and venting….. lets not forget both lower lincon facing open to the public and clients, both units for a month have been under compliance orders for non compliance… nice how bonins office sweeps these public threats away when would and should seriously bring to question VCH corp comitance
    the housing violations are off the 200 lincoln address as its known by LADBS and the city
    the commercial side is considered 204 and 206 suposedly, neigther have occupancy permits and are active dispite orders.

  4. Nick Antonicello

    Out of the way locations versus Ground Zero such as Venice. Why not have the meeting in the Palisades? That should guarantee a supportive audience? Maybe Brentwood too? This is what a desperate politician does when he’s failing, he want to create the perception of listening to further stuff down people’s throats his ill advised actions that have spun homelessness out of control. The true Machiavellian reaction which is political, not governmental.

    • Philth

      Venice Community Housing had tried to get me to potentially travel with them to I beleave San Diego for a costal hea4ing of some sort.. i have the email exchange w stacey asking me to make time for that and to practice a script..
      Vch is goofy.

  5. Hold on to your walet's another Bonin town hall

    If you listen to Bonin you people will get excelly what you deserve from Bonin, the homeless activists and the homeless. One and three of those Bums is a Murderer. Good luck LOL
    Oh by the way I am one resident who supports locking up the lazy bums.

  6. InTheRoom

    Do we get to look forward to Bonin hiring a “non-profit” propaganda machine who lives outside the state to fly in and “support” increased spending on homeless services by shouting in the room again?


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