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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Venice Carries the Burden of the Homeless for CD11

By Darryl DuFay

LAHSA, after many requests, has submitted the Data Summery of homeless within each Council District 11 (CD11) community.  This was reported in the Update in June but this is the latest official count.

This summary allows Venetians, and perhaps the politicians, to see the impact of the homeless that is burdening Venice in comparison with other communities. Figures show that Venice has 47 percent of CD11 homeless. Is not Venice’s 3 square mile community, the smallest community within CD11 which makes the impact even more.  Somehow, the smallest area with the largest homeless count does not appear equitable.

Below are the homeless figures within each  community and that numbers’ percentage of CD11 homeless.

Comments (13)

  1. Nicholas Antonicello

    50% of all homelessness resides in Venice? Is that a coincidence? Less then 4% in P Palisades and Brentwood. Is that a coincidence? Of course not. Those neighborhoods are protected by the limousine liberal Mike Bonin. You think a Rick Caruso would tolerate homelessness in his neighborhood? This is intentional. Contain and keep homelessness in Venice and that is why secession and detachment from LA is the only solution to Bonin’s vicious policy intentions. He hates Venice, pure and simple.

    • love$philth

      secession would allow venice to control and keep all
      transient occupancy tax collected from both hotels and short term air bnb types… this is why santa monica is so well funded… its 80% of thier city funding.. currently things are near impossible to regulate city wide also the burden of those tourists and there taxes are absored city wide and do not appropriatly fund the incuded burden locally, even at some scaled return of any sort…. its crazy the sq ft land value of hotels verse any other property that generates tax funds in santa monica its shocking. as wonderful as that would be locally and impactful, i think after santa monica there is no way city would let those tax dollars go.

    • SamIYam

      So then it is your opinion that if Venice was it’s own city the Boise court ruling wouldn’t apply to it? How much is the VSA paying you to write this nonsense?

      • philth

        i beleave his valid point is that city of los angeles and district 11 could not use venice as the comfortable spot to locate services facilities and programs, thus aleviating some of the burden put on to local residents..
        again im from the issue demographic… its not hard to grasp… im autistic with mental health issues… whats your issue?

        • SamIAm

          Sorry dude but I can’t relate to all you people who actually believe that the city has purposely located services here in order to attract more homeless. I think you’re all a bunch of crackpots. I put you in the same category as conspiracy nuts who think the moon landing was a hoax.

          • philthOphile

            awsome generalization and presuption…. I never suggested any such thing…I think you might be closet hiding that good stuff in your own pipe…
            I stated that if it succeeded into its own city like malibu and snata monica did in i beleave ’91 then it would not be an option for los angeles. thus ending the debate for the city ability to isolate distric 11 solutions to venice. venice community housing is actually contracted by santa monica to house units here as well..
            the changes in santa monica as far as civic services and facilites is due 100% to the change in ability to locally manage and address very unique issues unique cities.. also the impact of local tourism would be felt much more impactfully locally rather than get gobb;led up in entire city caughers…
            i am in the issue demographic at hand.. and i agree. it dose not end or compleatly solve/aliviate the issue.. but what it dose is has distric 11 and los angeles required find and open facilities distributed moree equitably..
            I had tried outreach in DTLA years ago.. it was shockingly not something i could deal with..
            I tried here it was welcoming and nurtutring i thought… then i found it nurtured a cycle of issues for profit with the intention to violate programs degign to keep chasing more units to put bodies in boxes…

            your assesment of me and what it equates me to in your mind proves your lack of logic or rational..
            sorry going be hard to help you understand… your worried about what other people think about subjects absolutly indiffrent to matters at hand..

          • philth

            its litterally a choice of here or skid row… feel free try san pablo.. get off a bus there looking for resources or hope of help… then take the expo line to the beach… both places have alot of partying going on… but where do you get treated like your grandmother who enables your bad habits with a warm meal a smile and ignoring glaring issues… come on down to venice and especially vencie community housing corp…

            venice community housing corp new relocated client services and public access office at lincoln and warren

          • SamIAm

            Let me explain something to you friend. The people behind the secession movement #1 don’t care about any court rulings and #2 hate homeless people. And the only reason why they want to secede is because they think if they do they can ignore these various court rulings w and take a very heavy handed approach to removing 100% of the homeless population from Venice. They’re all just a bunch of very scummy vigilantes who think people like you do not have the right to be here. And Nick Anticello is one of their paid lobbyists.Bottom line is there no agenda here from the City to deliberately attract the homeless to Venice. It is crackpot conspiracy nonsense being disseminated by people here in Venice who are mostly involved either in real estate and/or the apartment rental business. And their interest in Venice is purely financial. The only thing any of them care about is money money money.

          • philth..

            its clear you are seeing things… again you seem to inject presumptions or opinions on me… I done care about court rulings… I did 9 years streets and institutions and am client of st josephs and dealing with VCH unfortunatly… Ill be back fully homeless shortly. I amperesonally the target demographic for alot of the services and programs. i spent 9 months this year having facial reconstruction after having a gangster stomp my face in.. i lost 20% of my body weight and was litterally starving to death cause could not afford my liquid diet.. I tried to find resources and outreach in 2017 in DTLA and it was not something i could deal with.. the enviroment made me sick mentally.. it was hopeless and not a place i wannted stay or find myself..
            because of my condition, i was rapidly pushed through programs and i am greatful for that… the thing is the enviroment and amount of services located centrally in this one location is why alot do target here… because also to be enroled you need to be locally on the streets and seen and known to be as thats the claimed reason for approch and offering services…
            i dont care about a ruling nor am i suggesting it solves all homeless issues… what it dose do is disperse the services offered over a greater area.
            There is absolutly zero other reason that venice is so healily populated w homeless. its for services.. hell it was the first and only place i found in 9 years offering drop in showers for adults in the entire westside..

            i personally did not find it comfortable or help my own condition to impose on residential areas, nore do i think alot of behavior is acceptable… i do not subject others to things i would not accept..
            I watch the programs get abused and defrauded and know for fact re funding they intentionally try to asure every possible dime is thrown out to assure the next fiscal cycle continues to grow…
            i have hade furnature and electronics like 42″ flat screens purchased with vouchers in my name that social workers stole..
            things do not need to keep scaling up… they need to get control and managment of the rampantly troubled system they have going before it detonates.

            Im not jumpin g on anyones bandwagon.. I happen to have done alot of buissness involving santa monica pre and some post getting ill. I was involved in civil art prodjects and monuments.. I know about the budget and became facinated with the amount of impact transient occupancy tax changed that city from the 90s as i knew it…
            I think venice is amazing, but tis growth is the issue, the scale of its attempt to grow is not sustainable.
            the bennifit of secession is that there is local control of local interests.
            Los Angeles has larger population than other entire states…
            if someone tells me they are from LA that stilll dose not tell you how or what type of demographic they actually live in..
            even dis 11, the impact and choices made and the interests of different cities is the source of the lobiests your so concerned for.
            do i think people in brentwood or pali have a reality on either the issues i face and services i need to return to a constructive member of society contributing instead of being a burden to exist, do i think they knoww whats best for my neighbors and residents here locally who are subjected to and carry the burder of such disporportinate load of the entire population because services are centrally located at the new skid row of the west…
            i do think that it would be equitable that the residents that reside locally had a more powerful voice to address issues that impact them directly and are real..
            i also think stratigically its very realistic and the funding from hotels and short terms, like santa monica, THAT HAS A BIGGER FISCAL BUDGT THAN MALIBU FOR THIS EXACT SAME REASON, could both help residents effectivlyt service the homeless population in a way that works better for and with residents..
            like the trash can debacle…
            and wow what if what was left of dist 11 had to still provide the same services so youd end up with more services not less…
            i dont think venice skid row of west is awsome..

          • high school drop out autistic

            do u understand that PAli nore Brentwood could afford to succeed? like its absolutly not a fiscal reality for those neighborhoods to achive it, thier residential real estate tax dosent genreate enough to maintain roads, definatly not even carry the burden of thier local public schools.
            once you grasp how city finances actually flow and are used, you will then learn why lobiests already do and have interest in keeping places like venice in LA city feeding caughers…
            your hotels and tourists here, yeah you are paying for those nicely maintained streets and services in palisades and brentwood where the homelss and issues you say have not cause for being targeted here..
            so yeah big time if look at the district map, what other area generates so much tax as venice dose per sqare mile… and who has the potential for major growth if it was kept locally..

  2. fixxed srry

    81/22.84 vs 1075/3 = 3.54 per mile in palisades vs 358.333 per mile in venice… wow.. I was way off… and thats insainly disporprtionate.. it would be amazing to see the math on all in district.. it wasnt 100- per mile it was almost one per mile to every 1100 per mile in venice..
    thats gnarley..

  3. Philth

    That would be a very interesting and valid stat to have. Like LAPD applied to thier stats re crime and claiming it was down because reported property crime was down enough to offset the 75% increase in rape this year. It would be very interesting to have the stat of % of total land area so density could be put into reality. Also land area for different cities, Pacific validates 22.84 square miles… that’s a figure of over 7 to 1…giving them something like 7% of the homeless eb square mile… this is sick.. from a member of the problem demographic… officially back in the streets

    • Shocked philth

      My maths wrong… I forgot to account for land area… they have 7% of the total homeless disbursed in over 7 times the land area… that’s insaine… literally 1 per 100 in a mile

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