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Venice Homeless Count for Year Changes to 10 Percent Increase from 13 Percent; Other Breakdown Categories Available

The latest LAHSA figure for 2019 Venice homeless is 1075, a 10 percent increase from last year. It was reported in June to be 1101 for Venice which gave Venice a 13 percent increase. The increase for CD11 remains the same at 2284. Also a breakdown for types of disabilities and other categories became available.

The Venice Update had an article in June of last year that gave the numbers for other areas in CD11 but the breakdown for Venice categories for homeless was not available at that time.

By Darryl DuFay

Having a Council District 11 (CD11) and Venice summary of categories allows one to see the types of homeless in Venice in comparison with all of CD11. Below is a breakdown for some of the major categories and shows the Venice percentage of CD11.

Total Homeless Population.

CD11 2,284
Venice 1,075 47%

Transition Age Youth (TAY) 18 – 24

CD11 202
Venice 141 70%

Serious Mental Illness *

CD11 654
Venice 302 46%

Substance Use Disorder *

CD11 296
Venice 177 60%

Physical Disability *

CD11 442
Venice 208 47%

Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence

CD11 1,182
Venice 511 43%

* Health/Disability indicators are not mutually exclusive (a person may report more than one). These figures are only for 18 years and over.

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  1. Nick Antonicello

    So now you know the truth. The manipulation, the lying and the lies that come out of CD 11 are nauseating and they border on criminal. You know how I know Mike Bonin is lying? His mouth is moving. How this absolute clown can remain in office is incomprehensible to any rational thinking adult. Venice is being decimated by this crisis and epidemic that has now become a national embarrassment. There isn’t a place in America that has failed at containing homelessness like California and specifically LA!

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