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VNC Addresses Billboard Blight, Renews Homeless Committee

By Angela McGregor

Tuesday night’s meeting of the Venice Neighborhood Council (VNC) Board featured a motion to create a Community Impact Statement in opposition to the City’s recently passed Sign Regulation Ordinance which would create exemptions to the ordinance for artists of small, hand-painted commercial signs for small businesses. The motion was opposed by a representative of Ban Billboard Blight, who stated that creating such a loophole within the hard-won ordinance would result in legal challenges from the signage industry and the subsequent appearance of big-business sponsored, painted signage designed to circumvent the ordinance. A motion to send the motion back to committee for clarification failed, and the motion then narrowly passed, 8-7-4.

It has been over 90 days since the ad-hoc homeless committee was created and co-chairs Charles Rials and Frank Murphy were appointed by Ira Koslow. Since the committee has not had a meeting it must, per the VNC’s bylaws, be renewed. A motion to do this, with the same mission statement, incited public commentary in favor of placing Matt Fisher in charge of the renewed committee. Ira Koslow stated that this put him in an untenable position, since he had received an email from that person (Fisher) accusing the head of “an organization in charge of Bridge Housing” of “child abuse.” Fisher denied having done this, to which Koslow threatened to send the email in question to the entire Board. Board member CJ Cole stated her opposition to the committee because she had asked to be on it and was refused; board member Mark Ryavec reiterated his opposition to the mission statement as being “too vague.” The motion to renew the committee ultimately passed, 15-2-2.

The final motion voted upon would have amended the VNC bylaws to allow three community officer votes per stakeholder/voter (the current limit is just one vote, with a total of 13 community officers being elected). Public commentary in opposition to the motion centered on two arguments: 1) That the current one-vote system made it possible for greater diversity among board members and 2) That one-vote system prevents filling the board exclusively with members of one slate, which had been an issue in the past. A motion was made by Jamie Page to allow for each voter to vote for 13 candidates, in the interest of “democracy and greater voter participation”. This motion failed, 3-14-2. Any change to VNC bylaws requires a 2/3 vote of all board members (14 out of a total of 21), and so the original motion also failed, leaving the current system of voting in place: 9-4-6.

The next meeting of the VNC Board of Directors will take place at 7pm on November 19.

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  1. Anyone have a good web link for east Venice neighborhood association? Even the Venice neighborhood council site dose not want to load on mobile.
    Sorry and thank you. Trying to be able follow more directly regaurding this subject.
    Thank you in advance

  2. Lisa Redmond

    Angela, thank you for the articulate recap of the meeting!

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