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Ring Questions Homeless Building Projects in Venice; A Video Telling Story of Why This Housing Costs So Much

Edward Ring’s story of the homeless housing proposed for Venice so echoes the thoughts and feelings of Venice residents. His story got national recognition 10 October when it was discussed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News. Ring writes for the California Policy Center.

There are 40K residents and 1K homeless in Venice and Venice gets torn apart using prime pieces of property to house those homeless Venetians know as 90 percent transient and 75 percent addicted. Ring touched on the fact that if the politicians really cared about the homeless they would sell the lands and provide for so many more homeless in other areas. Now the plan to is build better homeless housing than the surrounding residents have who live in area.

One of the things Ring did not touch on was how much of the CD11 homeless housing was being dumped in Venice, not to mention how much already exists in Venice. A per square mile figure would be great. Brentwood and Pacific Palisades have none. Another thing he did not mention was the Thatcher Yard 98-unit project, the 32-units on Rose for PSH, and the proposed 40 units on Lincoln for youth. He only mentioned the Venice Median and the Bridge Housing.

Ring’s article.

Following is a video showing why the housing costs so much. Start at 33 min. Even LA City Controller Ron Galperin questions the costs of the units.

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  1. Crooks

    I am not a Trump supporter. But compared to Newsom, Garsetti and Bonin. Trump is my hero.

  2. Bonin retirement fund

    Bonin is definitely wetting his beak on this project. Let hope the feds get involved soon.

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