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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 10 October

South Venice Blvd and Westminster Senior Center Park are increasing in number of encampments as is Hampton Ave, north of Rose on the east side in front of St. Joseph’s Center and Lincoln at Flower. There is a new group in a Vernon alley near Hampton that rapped around to Vernon.

There is an encampment in the grassy areas on south side of 90 freeway at Culver. This is a fire danger area and Mayor Garcetti said that people can just be moved out, no postings are necessary. All encampments on both sides were removed a couple weeks ago.

South Venice Blvd from Pacific to Dell has several campers as does Dell to Ocean.

Westminster Park had probably six different campers on the west side at Pacific. Not possible to get them all in one picture.

Hampton, south of Rose, both sides were the same. The west side looks as bad as 3rd Ave.

Hampton, north of Rose, on east side in front of St. Joseph Center is growing.

Third Ave was not cleaned this past week. David Graham-Caso of Bonin’s office was emailed to see if there was a reason. So far no response.  Someone mentioned it was not cleaned last week either.

Fourth Ave from Rose to Vernon was clear.

Lincoln Blvd at Flower has an increased in number, probably 15, but hard to take a picture.

Staples, north side, appears to have more people and more stuff moving in and around the planters.

Naples was active with one working on a bike and another storage of belongings

Carter at Walgreens is active/not active. It is so transitional.

Thatcher at Washington had a new guy with a lot of stuff. He replaced the guy with the car that would sprawl all over the sidewalk. Now no one is there.
(Photo courtesy of Wolf Seeberg.)

There is a new encampment in a Vernon alley that wrapped around to Vernon.

Comments (3)

  1. Bonin's bumz

    Wait until they open Garcetti’s and Bonin’s Main St. bus depot “Bridge to Nowhere” shelter. Despite promises about prohibiting bum encampments nearby, the track record of St. Joseph’s taking care of its business doesn’t inspire confidence. By definition, a bum doesn’t follow the rules, why should they care about a rule that says they can’t pitch a tent and pinch a loaf next to a shelter?

  2. Steve

    I moved to Venice in June and I have noticed the amount of homeless people increasing in just the few months I have been here… I can’t even walk around on Hampton and rose because the sidewalks are covered with people and their belongings which makes me walk on the street and the amount of times I’ve almost been hit by cars. When my lease is up I am moving out of this area

  3. philth

    venice community housing moved its client access and public office to officially by city records and the LADBS compliance orders they already received for it being an illegal construction w no permits or inspection. they have no occupancy permit or registered to be operating anything out of there. they have announced the move to clients as 200 Lincoln. the encampments are now migrating north of rose. Warren, despite the city stepping in and investing millions to transform the dead end that was an endlessly dangerous encampment, has now become a becon for scavanging, camping on private property, thefts, as well as prowling are way up. between warren and commonwelth has become the new hang out zone.
    last week there have been tents going up on rose photo rear lot directly across from thier social workers illegal office, where they get services and free gift cards and bus fair…

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