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Governor Newsom Signs Bills to Exempt “Homeless” Projects from CEQA

By Eva Greene

Governor Gavin Newsom signs bills to exempt “homeless” type projects from California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).

CEQA was passed in 1970 to protect neighborhoods from the environmental impacts of proposed projects; CEQA has also been said to be the means to delay and kill a project.

Councilman Bonin Wednesday (2 October) put forth a motion asking for a report on the impacts created by AB 1197, SB 450 and SB 744 and directing the Chief Legislative Analyst and City Attorney to report on any ordinance revisions or citywide process changes necessary to comply with the authority granted to them by the new laws.

These are the CEQA exempt bills signed by the Governor:

AB 1197 (Santiago) – This bill provides a CEQA exemption for supportive housing and shelters in the City of Los Angeles. This bill can be applied immediately upon the governor’s signature.
“An act to add and repeal Section 21080.27 of the Public Resources Code, relating to environmental quality, and declaring the urgency thereof, to take effect immediately.”

SB 744 (Caballero) – This bill provides a CEQA exemption for supportive housing and No Place Like Home projects. This is the Prop 2 funding for the severely mentally ill which the VCHC is using for funding their PSH. This bill would provide that a policy to approve as a use by right a development with a limit higher than 50 units, as described above, is not a project for purposes of CEQA.

SB 450 – This bill would, until January 1, 2025, exempt from CEQA projects related to the conversion of a structure with a certificate of occupancy as a motel, hotel, residential hotel, or hostel to supportive or transitional housing, as defined, that meet certain conditions. Because the lead agency would be required to determine the applicability of this exemption, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program.

Link to homeless bills signed by gov. 9 26 19

Building Off Historic Investment & Action to Help Cities and Counties Tackle Homelessness, Governor Newsom Signs Series of Bills Addressing Homelessness 

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