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Bonin Proposes Commission of People Who Are Formerly Homeless

From Councilman Mike Bonin’s September Neighborhoods First Newsletter

Mike is pushing the City of Los Angeles to get input on its homeless strategies from people with expertise — people who are or have been homeless in Los Angeles. Mike and his colleagues hear regularly from government officials, non-profit executives, business associations, neighborhood councils, homeowners, developers, and activists from a variety of organizations and perspectives. But they rarely from people who have experienced homelessness, people whose voices can tell them which programs work, and which ones don’t, and why. The Commission on Lived Experience with Homelessness would be modeled after city advisory commissions on disability issues, children’s Native American issues, and transgender issues, and would provide expert and real-world experience to improve policy-making, program development, and budgeting decisions.

Find out more at the link below.


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  1. Sea

    Hey Nick, nice letter posted on yo venice.com

    • love$philth

      thanks for pointing me to that letter Sea.. Nick I have never personally met you but want to say I do agree with the core of your message but think your possibly missing an opertunity to be effective here. dismissing something, anything outright closes opertunity for your input only.. dose not stop the action just your effect.
      I myself qualify for the status claimed looking for input from, I have been “housed” through local agencies and my experiance has been something.. Its conflicting to even want to speak up because i do have a blessed opertunity.. the way the programs are taken advantage of, miss run, funds miss apropriate, lack of oversite or any accountability is in my view the issue and why none of this is working in a healthy effective manner. I got verry lucky and appreciate my oppertunity to return to being a valuable member of society, free of being subjected to extra persecution and distress because i had no home for 9 years, so no one fvelt i belonged or was welcome.
      I do not agree with homeless encampments or lifestyle burdening others. I assured i did not impose myself or my burdens on public and tried to live in industrial areas (not skid row, i have mental issues not drugs and avoid that part of my demographic seriously, trying not have the added speculation i already carry). I was nearly killed in 2018 with my jaw requiring reconstruction for 9 months.. I needed help to not starve… litteraly and physically..I came to an area I felt safe in, i fell into programs that have helped me greatly.. Yet there are major flaws.. and the resources that are supposed to be there and are funded to assure both i do not fall back into the streets or institutions let alone better myself and try to better my own situation and responsability as an adult do not exist..
      VCH is insainly affoul of the law and needs major oversite before it floods the area with 175 more units of drug addicted unsupervised threat to others that they activly harbor inthier buildings

  2. reta

    Hey, guys lets keep it on the issues!

  3. Nick Antonicello

    Homeless Joe,

    You want to be left alone?

    Then get a job and get off the streets and do something with your life.

    If you think Bonin cares about you, well I have a bridge to sell you.

    The problem is homelessness, not those who live inside.

    • Homeless Joe

      Actually Nick the problem is you. You’re a spoiled fat pig with a big mouth and a stupid looking hat who does nothing but complain all day but never offers any solutions because you don’t have any. 90% of the time you’re just complaining because you must not have any friends to hang out with. And no I don’t think Bonin cares about me. Frankly I hope he doesn’t because I just want to be left alone too. And at 61 years of age I figure I’ve earned that right regardless of whether you think so or not. You’re all of what ? 40 or so ? I’m 20 years older than you dude. You have a lot of nerve thinking you have the right to judge me. Or anybody else for that matter. If you want to judge people go get a job as a judge. Except that of course would require a law degree. And you strike me as somebody who barely made it out of high school.

      • phiTmonx

        very effectively put and communicated… I acknowledge i’m foul mouthed and flagrant.. i don’t make excuses for myself.. have you taken stalk in yourself joe… you sound like a 6 year old not 60… i am a high school drop out and a felon with mental health issues from serious PTSD and being autistic.
        I am not nick, but id like to ask whats your explanation for your behavior sir?

      • Nick Antonicello

        Your personal attacks are typical of someone who doesn’t have the courage or the guts to say these things to my face. You know who I am, but who are you? Come out from behind that curtain and I’ll be more than happy to meet you face to face and you can tell me all of my flaws about my weight, bad hats, etc. BTW, I’m 59 years old and I don’t hide behind some silly name like you my friend.

        • Rick Garvey

          Shut up Nick. You think you know it all.

          • Nick Antonicello

            In this case I do. I am assuming someone is using Rick’s name since he doesn’t speak to people in this fashion. Homeless Joe is a coward and part and parcel why people have little if any sympathy for him if he’s even homeless or just a troll.

          • Homeless Joe

            Not looking for any sympathy Nick. I’m not looking for anything from anybody. I think all of you people are a bunch of idiots for letting the landlords in L.A. price gauge all of you the way they do.And the next time I walk past you on the street and you throw me one of your pompous dirty looks I will introduce myself.

  4. Nick Antonicello

    I would hope VENICE UPDATE will continue to be a place of news and information, and not a place where Mr. Bonin can spout his failed rhetoric and policies. People come here for real news, not Bonin press statements and canned nonsense. Mr. Bonin has more than numerous government paid for venues for his socialist agenda. No need to extend his office another forum invaded by his nauseating rehtoric that is anti-homeowner, tenant and hard working people who work for a living, play by the rules and just want to be left alone.

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