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Bonin Gives Opinion Regarding 500-foot Ban at Parks, Schools

From Councilman Mike Bonin’s September Neighborhoods First Newsletter

The City Council has been discussing a proposed crackdown on people who are homeless sleeping on sidewalks, and Mike has criticized the proposal as a series of false promises to people who are housed and to people who are homeless. He has proposed a series of alternative strategies to reduce encampments and get people off the street much more quickly.

Mike would like to see ways to prohibit encampments at or near schools and daycare centers but thinks the proposal by one of his colleagues is written in a way that is unlawful, impractical, and unenforceable. “In a crisis, we owe the people of Los Angeles honest answers, and this proposal won’t do what it says, and that’s wrong.”

Mike has proposed the city step-up a successful, focused and well-resourced “Encampment to Homes” strategy, as well as shared housing and master leasing as strategies to get people off the street more quickly. He believes the city can limit encampments near schools through limits on where property can be placed, rather than an unconstitutional ban on sleeping outdoors when the city is short tens of thousands of housing units and shelter beds.

“If we actually want to solve our homelessness crisis, the focus of our work must be getting people who are homeless off the streets and into housing, not out of sight and out of mind,” Mike said. “We can’t legislate homelessness away, but we can house it away. We need to focus on faster and less expensive housing solutions, and on prevention strategies.”

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