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SPY and PATH, and Wilhite Answer Questions Regarding “Bridge Home” for Venice; More Time Needed

SPY (Safe Place for Youth) and PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) met with a small group, approximately 10, of Venetians to answer questions regarding the “Bridge Home” proposed on the MTA site at Sunset between Main and Pacific.

Allison Wilhite, Venice deputy for the Bridge Home, conducted the meeting. These one-hour group sessions will be held each week until November. If you are interested, contact http://bit.ly/coffee-abh. The groups have been limited to 10 people per session.

Everyone had questions but only parts of the main questions were answered. One question was were they going to follow the rules established by LAHSA and the answer in general was No. PATH had its own rules. One question was what are the house rules. Answer was no alcohol or drugs on the premises and 11 pm curfew were answered. . To be more definitive on the questions/answers go to Angela McGregor’s story on the event.

There didn’t seem to be time to get a complete answer to a question so Update has given Allison Wilhite five questions to start with to answer for readers interested in the MTA project.   The answers will be printed in the Update when received.  A “frequently asked questions” fact sheet prepared by SPY, PATH and the council office is provided.

1. What are the house rules for occupants?

2. What is the criteria for selection? Please consider the fact that Venice is so transient. According to a former pacific division police captain and Regina Weller, 90 percent of Venice homeless are transient.

3. How about those that will not go to the bridge home; they want to continue living on the streets? Will they be allowed to continue living as they are on the streets? Will sanitation and police discourage their presence on the streets of Venice.  Will areas be blocked off or unaccessible to homeless?

4. At closing, when the 3 years are up, what will you do with the people who remain within the bridge home?

5. Will you establish a neighborhood committee, group to represent those in close proximity so that their complaints regarding operation of the bridge home can be heard and solved?

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