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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Sanitation Gives Out Info Sheet to Homeless

(27 September 2019) This is a sheet Bureau of Sanitation workers hand out to homeless people who are on the streets of Venice.  On  the  back  it  is  printed  in  Spanish.

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  1. Rick Garvey

    Hey Reta,

    Just noticed this thread… you should know that once again you have a troll posting under other people’s names. I obviously do not think that: “No one is going to call a number for shelter. The homeless are perfectly happy camping on the sidewalks.”

    What kind of loser has nothing better to do than post bullshit under someone else’s name. Do me a favor and check the email on those posts that I supposedly posted on this thread.

    Thanks! Rick Garvey

    • Carol Reynes

      Anyone who knows Rick Garvey absolutely knows he would not have said that. Reta, through no fault of your own, the Venice Update risks losing a lot of credibility by not having people create accounts so they can’t post under other people’s names. Just my 2-cents.

      • reta

        I don’t know how to create an account or get people not to lie. That is the system. Do you know what would prevent such? If so, I will be happy to change. One must be able to separate the credibility of the news stories from the opinions of the comments; otherwise, the comment section will be removed.

  2. Rick Swinger

    These laws are not being enforced and this has been a local government failure on so many levels. There is some good news with the motion that recently was passed thanks to 3 Los Angeles County Supervisors and the author of this is Kathryn Barger. I had a chat with her and Dr. Drew on his podcast recently while I was vacationing around the Bay of Banderas, Mexico. Here is the podcast on youtube. I come in around 17:23……. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nvm_oLw9L44&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3RqHLDzerMJU1Hicdw97Wng8eDdeDM8WMVjzwf9eYS3eBLPYVAjW2af3k

  3. Lisa Redmond

    Good work on the Bureau of Sanitation to kill trees and create further trash to pollute the streets that they hopefully will pick up.

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