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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

Encampment Update — 26 September 2019

Westminster Senior Center Park, Hampton, north of Rose on East side, 4th Ave between Rose and Sunset, and Harrison Ave have some increased activity this week. Lincoln at Victoria has two tenters and a car and a van and this is new. Noticed tenters near Lincoln on both sides of the 90 Freeway. There are encampments on both sides of the 90 Freeway east of Alla Road. Also Allan Parsons reported that the gang is back on Abbot Kinney at Andalusia.

How nice it is to see Ocean Ave and North and South Venice Blvd without encampments. That display and activity was really in one’s face. South Venice Blvd does have a bunch of stuff on the parkway between Pacific and Dell.

Mildred shows signs that it would like to get back to its previous status. There were various things like shoes, a wheel, a stool in various places on the sidewalk. Two boys were working on bikes on the other side of the road and there were bike parts at Canal St. Strongs Drive had another pile of trash.

Westminster Park had the wooden tenters, the one with the rose umbrella and now a new one on the south side. In addition, there were two campers on the east side in vans and it looked like they had dumped a sponge mattress.

Hampton, south of Rose, looks the same on the west side. The encampment still extends to Sunset. The east side has diminished to maybe one tenter and he had his stuff folded and next to the fence.

Hampton, north of Rose, has the west side which is handled by several businesses and a school. They have a security guard who walks women to and from their cars and has a man who cleans the sidewalk daily. On the west side is St. Joseph’s Center and they do nothing that one can see. Right now they have an encampment next to their stairs that is in violation of ADA and “tents down.”

3rd Ave is the same. Trash is picked up twice daily by the Clean Team and then it is cleaned without residents on Fridays and sanitized. Many of these people live to see how much trash they can collect in seven days.

4th Ave, south of Rose, before Sunset has the start of a large encampment. These people probably came from 3rd or Hampton. The area was clean. The problem is that 4th is not on the list to be cleaned weekly so it too will get filthy.

Lincoln, at Flower, looks about the same but is in dire need of being cleaned and sanitized.

Lincoln, at Staples, north side still has the guy building around the planters.

Lincoln, at Victoria, has two tents, a car and a van. This is new.

Carter was going crazy last night. Girls were lined up on one side and guys on the other and all were shouting at each other. Early this morning there were just guys yelling and trash, trash, trash.

Individuals continue to occupy the park benches. The two in front of the Fabric shop were still there.


Westminster Senior Center Park

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, west side

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, east side

Hampton Drive, north of Rose. east side

3rd Ave

4th Ave

Lincoln at Victoria


Carter at Walgreens

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  1. Carol

    What a disgusting mess Venice has become. Paradise lost and every law-abiding resident is a loser.

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