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Encampment Update — 19 September 2019

Encampment on Mildred that sprang up and was reported in Update (web version) last Tuesday is gone.  The only thing left is one big pile of trash on Strongs Drive.

Talked to the maintenance man for 150-units adjoining Mildred and he said the tenants continuously told him about the encampment.  It was a disgrace as most of them are.  They are unfit to be next to housed people as well as the homeless for so many reasons and  sanitation is one “extra large” reason. Call 311 or use the MyLA311 app.

Strongs Drive at Mildred

Mildred north side and south side now

The Mildred encampment sprung up.  People think it was because of Ocean and the North and South Venice Blvd being cleaned.

Just got a sweet note from Joseph Behm, maintenance manager of Windward Village Apt, which is the apartment complex abutting Mildred.

I want to thank you for bringing exposure to the problem we had on Mildred this last month. You met me on the sidewalk outside of Windward Village Apts yesterday morning, I’m Joe, the maintenance manager of the property.

The city did a neighborhood cleanup yesterday afternoon and got all of the trash piles on Strongs and Canal picked up also. Mildred Ave is looking soooo so much better now! Mildred Ave has been my problem child since I’ve been in this position. I have lots and lots of photos of the cycles we go through with it. This last one was the worst, the owner said they had not seen anything so bad in 45 years.

The owner of this property was quite impressed with the article and the work you are doing in Venice, he was previously unaware of the Venice Update.

I hope that we can stay in communication and work together as a whole to keep Venice as safe and clean as possible. Thank you again for your help!

Mildred is good news as is Ocean and North and South Venice Blvd. North Venice Blvd had a car with a couple people hanging near Pacific, otherwise North Venice Blvd was clear. South Venice Blvd has an encampment on the parkway and one cannot tell whether it is discarded stuff or belongings. And that is it for Ocean, North and South Venice Blvd. How times change quickly.

There is a new camper at the Westminster Senior Center. One commenter asked why the wooden tents were not removed in accordance with LAMC 56.11. That is a good question. There are just so many violations that this one gets overlooked.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, on the east side is almost nonexistent.  There was only one tent.

Hampton Drive, south of Rose, on the west side continues to fill in.  David Busch has his tent next to the alley and it is almost a continuous tent thereafter to Sunset.  The homeless are respective of the exists and entrances.

Hampton Drive, north of Rose,  is unchanged.

3rd Ave is unchanged. It is just a total ADA violation that fills into the street. Fortunately, sanitation cleans the street, removes trash and bulky items,  and sanitizes it weekly.

4th Ave just south of Rose had one camper.

Lincoln Blvd at Flower is repopulated and filthy.

Staples on the north side at Mildred has the same people there.  They are living between the planters.  The Lincoln side of Staples has no one.  There is debris.

Harding is clear as is the Naples alley and Coeur d’Alene.  Harrison is clear.

Thatcher Ave has finally gotten rid of all its encampments. Carter Ave has those who come and go continuously.

Individual tenters are increasing along Lincoln Blvd.  Almost every bus stop has one individual on the bench early in the morning before 10 am. These two fellows are camping in front of the fabric store.

Comments (5)

  1. I'm back


    I’ll just leave this here.

  2. Aren Fanning

    https://youtu.be/knQl5iUEKVQ Morgan at Bonins office 310 568 8772.. even with me needing leave cause anxiety and ptsd stimulated by vch staff and its ignorant response and the disturbing announcement I u nfortunatly had to share due to their out ethics practices as a corporation. Dispite very clearly knowing I am disabled and supposedly in supportive care for my mental issues her response to all my concerns was she was glad i informed LADBS after that they can not help me.

    Insaine.. but intentional …
    U have a client and tenant deep in the system glad to help tear down the walls hiding the dirt…
    This is appoling

    • 200 Lincoln, Venice Community Housing corps, new client services office and executive offices they built out into one of their buildings, was actually found by sanitation to have an on going homeless encampment attached… I have the service report but don’t know how to share. It’s really crazy how fast vch is unfold it’s dirt.
      https://youtu.be/42HRXPwWKx0 20 year board member more interested in portrait on mural than serious glaring concerns at location.
      https://youtu.be/GXkouUMgNCc contracted party who on 11th tried repeatedly to challenge me to a fight and sussie Hernandez attempted to false report to LAPD.
      Stacey BURMEISTER and jomo Radcliff went running from LADBS when asked me to show them where they had errors

  3. Aren Fanning

    Man disturbing.. just got off the phone w Morgan Bonins new body blocker..cna contact her at the Westchester office 310 568 8772… fitting she graduated from ucsc cause her goal is to stall and absorbs any intention to actually be heard..no good slugs. I was at last night’s meeting I’m disabled and suffing from p tsd on top of being autistic.. I presented some very serious and alarming concerns but had to leave because I was over stimulated and did not want to derail the meeting for others. Shockingly her response was oh LADBS is involved then that’s all there is too it..
    No interest in hearing about life threatening endangerment by one of your biggest contractors and supporters of your neusance policy… I’m from the demographic these programs were designed for… I’m not a drug addicted burdening entitled begging foul thing who is just using this as my dope crash pad or place to hustle from..
    Literally have your contracted agencies CONCEALING threats and attacks.. and even attempting to bring the issue coastal fight so hard against WILLINGLY hear undisclosed…
    Sorry.. Morgan need life experiance.. They trained her for a script that’s useless.

  4. Bonin's Bumz

    All the filthy Lincoln encampments are a wonderful way to welcome out-of-town visitors traveling between LAX and the hotels in Santa Monica. Bonin must be proud of his handiwork.

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