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Venice Update

News of Venice, CA and Marina del Rey CA

De De Audet Honored; Public Safety Committee Created at the latest VNC Board Meeting

Robert Thibodeau, Venice Neighborhood Council at-large community board member, sits conspicuously at the latest board meeting in a clown suit and no one knew why. Thibodeau was approached with the question as to “Why?” he was dressed as such.   He responded that it was his way of protesting how Tesuque was handled last month.  Before Thibodeau answered, people were queried.   One person said he thought he lost a bet. Another said he thought it had to do with losing the Tesuque Market case. One said “It’s Venice, what do you expect?”

By Angela McGregor

September’s Board Meeting opened with a lovely tribute to the late DeDe Audet, including encomiums from former Secretary of State Deborah Bowen (who described Audet as a “pot-stirrer”) and past VNC President Mike Newhouse, who recalled that, as VNC President, the then 85 year old Audet insisted on standing through every meeting, and inspired him to get involved in local government.   She will be missed.

Allison Wilhite, the City’s liaison for the Bridge Home project on Main & Rose, announced that she will be having weekly meetings with concerned community members each Friday morning starting September 27th at which representatives from Safe Place for Youth and PATH (who will both be providing services at the facility) will be present to answer questions. For more information, she can be reached at allison.wilhite@lacity.org or (213) 476-2366. Construction at the MTA lot is ongoing, and it is expected to open later in the Fall.

The VNC Resiliency Committee will be hosting upcoming Town Halls — September 26th at 6:30PM at the Oakwood Recreation Center, and October 3rd at the Penmar Recreation Center — with plenty of valuable information on how to prepare for emergencies.

The VNC passed two motions regarding bathrooms on Ocean Front Walk: one requesting that existing bathrooms remain open 24/7 with fulltime security and cleanliness staff in attendance, and another requesting that more restrooms be built.

A motion put forth by LUPC that would create a Community Impact Statement in Opposition to California Assembly Bill 1197 passed. AB1197, which was signed into law recently, would exempt both permanent supportive housing and emergency shelters from CEQA. Board President Ira Koslow acknowledged that the measure was moot, but felt it was important to register the VNC’s opposition, nevertheless.

The last item on the agenda was the creation of a Public Safety Committee with the following Mission Statement: “The VNC Ad Hoc Public Safety Committee will work with the stakeholders of Venice, the City of Los Angeles, the State of California and all service providers to promote public safety, emergency preparedness, awareness of environmental dangers, and promote clean safe public spaces for stakeholders alike.” This passed, 14-0-3. President Koslow stated that he has asked someone to Chair the Committee, but has yet to receive a response, and invited anyone interested in chairing the Committee to email him.

The meeting adjourned around 10pm. The next meeting of the VNC Board will be Tuesday, October 15th at 7 pm.




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    https://youtu.be/knQl5iUEKVQ from Sep 19 2019 east Venice meeting. Tenant at 200 Lincoln makes an announcement regaurding VENICE COMMUNITY HOUSING CORP, it’s relocating all client services and executive offices unpermitted and into uninspected newly constructed offices, built on defrauded hacla billing for apartment maitanance. They were found and are currently being investigated by both LADBS and Housing code enforcement.
    I am the tenant in the unit that was attempted arson last March 2018, same client had also tried to hang himself outside the bathroom window months before. Tenants solved things alone… after the arson crisis managers supportive services and executive were nowhere to be found for over 24 hours…
    It’s a common problem, or habbit…
    Feel free to contact me for documentation of the malicious disturbing behavior of directors.

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